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  [ig-news] vonda, ally, and emily         [cloudy fire <>]


date: tue, 20 apr 1999 06:33:09 edt
from: cloudy fire <>
subject: [ig-news] vonda, ally, and emily

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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hey yall

last night i was on aol and vonda shepard was doing one of those celebrity
chat things so i sat in on it.  i sent in several questions, but none of them
made it to her.  she did talk about her new single that she recorded with
emily and how when she first heard it, she said it was her favorite song of
vonda's so on tour when vonda was opening for them, emily and vonda started
singing it together and finally they recorded it together.  no news on
whether emily is actually going to be on ally, but vonda said the song will
be on ally next week, april 26th.  also, when i was at the chat, i got to
download a sound wav from the new song and it's beautiful!  vonda and emily
are amazing!  if you want me to send it to you, it's about 22 seconds.  just
ask and i'll send it out in a mass mailing tomorrow!


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