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subject: [ig-news] re: allstar news article: indigo girls discuss new album

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here's the article from sounds exciting.


indigo girls discuss new album

june 1, 1999, 4:00 pm pt

the indigo girls are nearing the last phase of the recording
process for their seventh studio album in atlanta, where emily
saliers, one half of the longstanding folk duo, admits a little
musical adversity can sometimes fuel the best sonic fires.

"amy [ray] was talking about making a strictly acoustic record
but i didn't want to do that," says saliers. "a lot of times
amy and i are just in different places musically and it all
just comes together in the studio."

also helping those sounds come together is new producer john
reynolds (the girls recently parted ways with original producer
malcolm burn due to "philosophical differences," according to
saliers) and the former sinead o'connor knob-turner (and father
of her child) has expanded on the loop-heavy, electrified sound
of "shed your skin" from 1997's shaming of the sun. saliers
also promises less dueling voices.

"it's not a drastic departure, but i think the songs are more
mature," says saliers. "in some ways, from when we first
started, we did all that interweaving harmony and each of
our voices was practically all over the other's song -- it's a
little less of that. we have sort of polarized musically."

several guests permeate the girls' sound on the album,
including luscious jackson drummer kate schellenbach,
ex-breeder josephine wiggs, middle eastern dance queen
natacha atlas of transglobal underground, and r&b groove
singer me'shell ndegeocello (allstar, april 8). on one track,
"faye tucker," the girls found themselves in the middle of an
international hodgepodge of sounds.

"it was a droney rock and roll song, and then john got some
of these players -- caroline dale on cello and carol isaacs
on accordion -- to write these irish jigs through it. and then
natacha comes in at the end. the first thing my mom said
was, 'how are you gonna recreate that onstage?' i'm like,
'we're not.'"

the girls have cut 13 tracks for possible inclusion on the
album, one of which ("go") appears in a live incarnation on
epic records' upcoming benefit album for kosovo, no
boundaries. saliers also reports that several unorthodox
instruments and sounds are finding their way into the record
as well, including a couple of songs that are appalachian in
nature, one written and performed entirely on bouzouki, and a
ballad featuring a marvin gaye, "sexual healing"-era 808
beat box on it.

the girls are due to mix the as-yet-untitled album by the
end of june, with a tentative release date on epic records
set for sept. 14. meanwhile, the girls will join up with the
lilith fair tour on aug. 19 in tinley park, ill., followed by a
fall tour of theaters and sheds across the u.s.

-- kevin raub

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