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date: sat, 12 jun 1999 15:47:23 +1000
from: joanna <>
subject: [ig-news] new album -extra track, singles (long)

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  it's speculation rather
than actual news, but i thought it might be interesting for you
folks to see what thoughts people are having about the new

hey peoples,

according to the rolling stone article they have already recorded
*13* tracks

and hadn't finished yet (though they were beginning mixing in 2 weeks so i
doubt they would have added more - tho we can always hope :)

>faye tucker
>gone again
>little darlin'
>philosophy of loss
>soon be to nothing
>cold beer and remote control
>let's make peace

so there is room for little darling along with the already recorded
compromise.  personally i'm hoping forgiveness will be included (but
i haven't heard little darling so i may love that just as much)
what about the boys just laugh - i haven't heard it - would it be worth
being included?

as for singles go seems likely - but perhaps has it received such a press
push just because its on the "no boundaries" compilation (correct me if
that isn't the song on there, going by memory)
tho it would make an excellent single anyway.
another song that has a lot of press coverage is faye tucker

(from indigo swing

june 3, 1999 -- the austin american-statesman

indigo swing by chris riemenschneider

the atlanta duo has a new song on the album called "faye tucker," about
the karla faye tucker execution that happened in huntsville around the
time that the girls were in austin last spring.
amy ray and emily sailers unveiled the impassioned folk tune at their
zapatistas benefit at the backyard in may of '98, and they are expected to
make a big push of the song as well as their opposition of the death
penalty upon the album's release.

i'm not overly fond of the song- could just be the version i heard tho
(problem child - starkville, miss 19 apr 98, one of the few i've heard
along with go/problem child and gone again), could just be the angle the
journo is taking
looking forward to hearing what they have done with it since.

those who have heard the other songs - what are they like - tempo/style
which of the emily songs sounds singlish - most of them (from the titles)
sound like slow songs - thought she said it would be most electric (maybe
electric in the sense of the beginning of touch me fall?)
do you think cold beer and a remote control has single potential?

sorry to rave so long - but hey its all igc :)

ps - something wierd happen to this email (pieces of text appearing in the
wrong places. hopefully i fixed it all up - but if not thats why)

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date: sat, 12 jun 1999 08:06:02 -0700
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] new article - igc

the eyes of the beholder see too much
jerry falwell team targets a female music festival

by dianne williamson

the worcester telegram and gazette

after striving to make the world safe from tinky winky, the rev. jerry
falwell has again issued a "parents alert," a missive eagerly awaited by
those hardy souls committed to truth, decency and finding satan in the most
benign places imaginable.

in the june issue of falwell's national liberty journal, senior editor j.m.
smith has penned a chilling piece that exposes one of the most insidious
influences in pop music today. no, it's not about marilyn manson or heavy
metal. it's about sarah mclachlan and lilith fair.

to the naive and ignorant, lilith fair is a popular annual concert that
celebrates women in music and features such stellar female artists as
mclachlan, sheryl crow, the indigo girls and shawn colvin.

thanks to falwell and the conservative christians, however, we now learn
that lilith fair is a pagan festival that flaunts the legend of the demonic
but fun-loving feminist called lilith.

in the parents alert story, called "secrets of the lilith fair," the author
enumerates the several legends of lilith, including her designation by some
as the first feminist and first wife of adam.  according to her pagan
legend, the raven-haired lilith bristled under adam's authority and was
booted from the garden of eden, at which time she eschewed a 10-week
secretarial course and preferred instead to dwell with the demons of earth.

many legends

some versions have her engaging in many zany activities, such as murdering
her demonic male offspring and later returning to eden,
where she seduces eve and earns the disdain of that towering biblical
figure, rush limbaugh.

"with the lilith fair concerts drawing such media attention in its third
year, national liberty journal is presenting this article as an information
tool to parents who may not wish their children to participate in a music
festival that celebrates a pagan figure," the story states. "many young
people no doubt attend the lilith fair concerts not knowing the demonic
legend of the mystical woman whose name the series manifests."

i must confess that i attended a lilith concert in 1997 - at the
unfortunately renamed tweeter center in mansfield - without ever knowing
about the controversial origins of lilith. to me, the most controversial
moment of the '97 fair was when paula cole raised her arms in song and it
was obvious that she had not been acquainted with a razor in many moons, if
you catch my drift.

final year

the 1999 lilith fair will kick off july 8 in vancouver and run through aug.
31. locally, lilith will be at the tweeter center aug. 3. this will be the
final year of lilith in north america, according to mclachlan.

"we want to end the tour on a high note," she said in a press release. "it's
a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work."

the devil's work is more like it, according to falwell. the parents alert
claims that lilith fair supports planned parenthood and dispenses condoms at
all concerts, "promising this year to dole out more condoms than ever."

the lilith fair folks were unaware of the parents alert when i called them
yesterday, but reaction was swift. after i read some of the story over the
telephone to publicist ambrosia healy, she showed why public relations is
such a specialized, high-paying field.

"oh, god," she said. then she laughed.

mclachlan's manager, terry mcbride, said he was dismayed that people who
call themselves christians would denigrate an event that benefits causes
such as breast cancer research and women's shelters.  each year, lilith
donates one dollar from each ticket sold to a local
charity; in 1997, for example, $18,797 was donated to the livesafe
foundation in boston.

feminist goal

mcbride said lilith was chosen as the name of the fair to symbolize equality
for women.

"isn't this the same fellow who said a teletubby was gay?" mcbride said,
referring to falwell. "we're not pushing an agenda.  this is a music
festival. every myth has its good side and bad side, and we tend to focus on
the good."

he also said that planned parenthood is one of many groups that has a table
at the lilith fair, and that condoms are distributed by that group, not

in the parents alert, it is noted that the national liberty journal has been
criticized for its outing of tinky winky. "this lilith fair alert is certain
to draw more fire, but we are willing to take the heat in order to document
the truth behind the benign appearance of this music festival."

mcbride sees different motives in the conservative christians' relentless
search for the absurd.

"all these people want is media attention," he said. "i wish i could laugh
about it, but there's really nothing to laugh about."

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