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ig-news-digest        wednesday, august 4 1999        volume 02 : number 126

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  [ig-news] admin: temporary list outage this weekend  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn]


date: tue, 03 aug 1999 23:50:15 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] admin: temporary list outage this weekend

hi folks,

(please excuse the multiple addressees - i'm sending this to all
my lists at once...)

the servers on which sits will be moving this weekend.
the estimated downtime is from saturday morning (usest) to
sunday afternoon, but if there are any problems this could
extend through monday as well.  no mail will be lost while the
servers are down - everything will be held and processed as soon
as smoe is back up again.  it is also probable that no smoe www
sites will be available during this time.  your patience is
appreciated, thanks...

(and a big shout out to jeff wasilko (mr smoe himself) who lets
us all live on his machine, as well as being a damn nice guy...
whoohoo!  you rule, buddy.)

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= a+e=ig
sherlyn koo -                     [sydney, australia]
[please note: i will be on the road between july 22 and august 17 1999]
        "life is something set to music..."     - heather nova

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