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  [ig-news] cons review from drum media     [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] logan show 11/17/99 (long)  [melissa genevieve young <mgy@burgoy]


date: sat, 20 nov 1999 16:45:54 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] cons review from drum media

hey folks,

this strange review comes from drum media (a weekly free music
paper based here in sydney), november 9 1999...

- -sherlyn

- ---begin article---
indigo girls - come on now social

here it is, the new indigo girls album that no doubt cartman
from south park has been looking forward to.  with its strange
green cover photo, come on now social finds the girls in fine
form.  in fact this is probably their best release for years,
incorporating their best styles and staying snugly within
their folk/pop/rock genre.

starting with a rocking track go, amy ray lets go with a
raunchy guitar and belting vocal.  the quieter one of the two,
emily sayers (sic), follows with a gorgeous mainstream tune,
soon to be nothing (sic), a simmering trip of emotions.  the
best track here, reminiscent of that fantastic first album,
is gone again, a countrified rollick with lyrics straight out
of the australian landscape.  from kakadu to kings cross we
get a look in without any ridiculous americanisms.  it's
actually a great song, better than our blundells and
kernighans who make it all sound so hick.

another highlight comes in on track nine, with the wonderfully
titled cold beer and remote control, a humorous track for some
reason reminding me of the replacements.  the indigo girls
have a huge following, particularly in the states, where their
themes are rooted.  the gay thing is obviously a big part of
their success, but they manage to not write any drivel or try
hard singles.  in fact all their albums seem to spring
straight out of their heart, each one remaining true to the
previous release.

come on now social is what you'd expect from the girls, but it
is a worthy addition to their catalogue.  having travelled and
toured for so long now, the indigo girls keep getting it right.
look out for the album cover, a picture of this crazy looking
kid with a pen knife and branch.  disturbing but suitable.

- - sebastian skeet

=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-= [sydney, australia]
"change the country of your head
  into the country of your heart..."    - karma county

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date: fri, 19 nov 1999 12:05:26 -0700
from: melissa genevieve young <>
subject: [ig-news] logan show 11/17/99 (long)

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

logan was my third ig concert (if you count lilith fair as a concert, and i
really only count it as like half a concert).  it was, by far, my best
concert experience ever.  we had fourth row, center aisle seats!  the whole
concert is pretty much a blur to me now, but here's what i remember:

michelle malone was great.  i bought her cd ("i have a new cd out--on my own
damn label.  i brought 200 copies.  take them home with you.  give them good
homes."). [...]
emily helped her out on "strength for two" and they were both
out for the last couple of songs. [...]

amy wore a black tank (tattoo visible), checkered-ish flared pants, and a
striped button-up shirt rolled up to the elbows and unbuttoned.  i am
drawing a blank on what emily had on, but she had the glitter on her eyes,
it was so cute.

blair rocks.  he lost a drumstick a couple of times, broke one at least once
that i saw, and his facial expressions were priceless.


the crowd was small--it wasn't even close to sold out.  the paper said there
were 2,800 tickets sold.  about 2/3 of the possible seats were filled, and
the stadium's not that big.  emily joked, "we've never had a crowd this big

amy smiled a lot and shook her head in amazement that we knew so many of the

amy started laughing once and couldn't whistle.  very cute.

emily played "philosophy of loss," which was not on the set list.  i think
amy had to go to the bathroom, because she said something to emily and then
jetted out of there.  emily talked for quite a while, told us how she wrote
the song during a "bleak period" (at which point the girl in the front
yelled "galileo!"  emily was like, "no, not that one.") and something about
how she thought jesus taught we should love everyone and not leave anyone
out (big cheer from the crowd).

the both said that they "needed this concert," and they "never have crowds
this good" and several other comments to that effect.

after the encore, my friend and i slipped up to the front so we could get
set lists, and then a&e came out again for a second encore!!!  so we were in
the front for that, which was very cool.  they did chickenman; it was so
intense.  i did get emily's set list, i gave sulli my best puppy-dog eyes, i
couldn't believe she gave it to me, but maybe she distinguished the
difference between me and the sorority girls next to me.

blair's column has a bunch of lop-sided smiley faces in it.

everything was so intense.  it was amazing.  these girls rock!

the set list:

reunion (!!!!!!)
get out the map
i don't wanna know
cold beer & snow (it was a gorgeous morning here in logan, and then it
rained, and then it snowed.  hehe).
scooter boys (they were on fire!)
closer to fine
ozilline (this song can really rock)
peace tonight
nashville (amy gave a schpeel about being in college, how it was a bad year
for nashville and acceptance, etc.)
least complicated
faye tucker (amazing!  amy did the evilest cackle and was so intense)
power of two
shame on you
(like i said, philosophy of loss was in there somewhere, but i can't
remember where, and it's not on the set list)

ghost (gorgeous)
gone again

second encore:
chickenman (i don't think mm knew all the words, so she just closed her eyes
with her mouth real close to the mike.  it was cute.  amy sang some words i
didn't know, i'm not sure if it was soc or not).

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end of ig-news-digest v2 #210

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