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date: sat, 20 nov 1999 04:09:19 est
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subject: [ig-news] teen people ig article transcription

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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hey, for those who have not read it,  this is a really interesting article in
teen people about 10 out celebs and a huge picture of the girls.  here is the
section about the indigo girls copied without permission....

when childhood freinds amy ray and emily sailiers were growing up near
atlanta, they didn't know they were gay. then in 1982, during her senior year
in high school, "i fell in love with a girl," says amy, now 35.  "we didn't
have a sexual relationship; we held hands now and then.  i thought, well, i
love her, and if that means i'm gay, then i guess i am. i had no negative
felling about it because it was so natural."
    emily, though, was staunchly homophobic. "i was just angry toward gay
people... thought it was sick, "emily says--although she tolerated amy's
sexual oreintation fot the sake of their friendship.  then, at 20, while at
atlanta's emory universety, she says, "it just dawned on me that i was gay.
and as soon as i realized it, i was ok with it.  it was a sudden and strange
transition."  that summer, she told her parents.  "their biggest concern was
that i could find someone i could have a committed relationship with, "  says
emily, 36.  amy told her parents during her senior year at emory.  "i have
two older sisters who are gay", she says.  "the one who came out before me
probably took the brunt of it as far as my parents learing to deal with it.
slowly, we all evolved."
    the duo, whose latest album is come on now social, nationally
acknowledged their sexuality for the first time in 1994.  "i had fears of us
being percieved first and foremost as gay artists, "says emily, who , like
amy, is in a long term relationship.  "but it's more important to be open
about who you are." it isn't always easy.  in 1999, a group of parents
protested scheduled indigo girls shows at five high schools in south carolina
and tennessee. "the concerts were canceled," says emily. "those kind of
things hurt your feelings--but you have to go on.  we ended up booking shows
in clubs.  the kids came anyway, and it turned out to be  really great."

interesting huh? emily a homophobe? and look at what she's singing about now!!

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