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date: mon, 9 oct 2000 10:10:17 -0500
from: loralei riney <>
subject: [ig-news] the/sedona az show

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
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greetings world. ...
well i have to say that this weekend was wonderful in sedona az. two days of wonderfully sunny weather, slight breeze and wonderful music. [...]
sunday the girls played. it was great. the opened with get out the map , as the sun was beginning to go down behind the most beautiful venue i have been at. emily stopped after maybe 2 seconds and admitted that the elevation was messing with her and she may forget a few more of the words.
they invited indigenous ( a must as well) and ullai(sp) a great groups of female artist to join them for bury my heart at wounded knee....perhaps the best i have ever hear it done. devotion was great. i wish emily had also done leaving ..but is better than none an just being there was great.
the four of us sitting together, looked at each other at one point during bmhawk and we all had chills......i think for the two couples to be celebrating the anniversaries....that twas probably the best place to be...amy looked good. yes, she has lost with her hair is a bit longer but she was smiling and having a blast. wore the blue boots ( i finally get to see em) they were both very happy, was great electricity


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