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  [ig-news] minnesota tickets for sale at cost - 3rd & 6th row  [usaflicka@a]
  [ig-news] hte albuquerque review  ["sabrina d. parker" <parkers@civerolo.c]


date: thu, 12 oct 2000 03:35:06 edt
subject: [ig-news] minnesota tickets for sale at cost - 3rd & 6th row

i have some extra tickets for the minnesota show monday night.
these are awesome seats in the 3rd & 6th row.
will sell for what i paid for them.


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date: thu, 12 oct 2000 08:40:46 -0600
from: "sabrina d. parker" <>
subject: [ig-news] hte albuquerque review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

they say new mexico has 360 days of sunshine.  which is usually true.  it's
usually 360+.  but, not this week.  in spite of this being the week for the
kodak albuquerque international balloon fiesta, it has been raining.  that
humid kind of raining that doesn't actually stop - it just sort of "mists".

so, we slogged from the parking lot to the albuquerque convention center and
(after talking to the ralph nader people and the "free leonard peltier"
people) took the escalators up to kiva auditorium.  this is a smaller venue.
it is very comfortable, the sound is excellent, and there's not a bad seat
in the house.  my friends and i had front row seats, emily side.  which was
great because all the artists came from that side of the stage to enter.  it
is very cozy and very intimate.  i always feel like i'm sitting in someone's
living room.

indigenous was a very good band.  energetic, electric, talented - just not
my cup of tea.  i could not understand one word of any song that they did.

jackson browne was great.  total opposite of indigenous.  mellow, laid bad,
earthy-crunchy.  he has a wonderful presence on stage - my friend remarked
that he seemed very "down to earth".  i'm sorry to say he only did one song
that i recognized - take it easy.  but, that's because i've never really
listened to any of his music.

ig - set list:

redemption song - wow!  never heard this live.  wonderful.  took a break -
showed the "all my relations" video.  amy commented that she missed a lot of
chords and things would definitely get better.  i didn't notice, but i
hadn't heard this one live.
welcome me - another wow!  excellent!
get out the map
devotion - beautiful song acoustic.  i love ig acoustic.  amy was explaining
the song and told a little story about her dad.  she said she lives in the
woods now and her dad came over to visit.  she said he was out in her front
yard, which wasn't really a front yard because she lives in the woods and
it's, well, just a lot of land.  so, her dad comes over and starts weeding
her front yard - which isn't a front yard.  she says devotion is about not
being in control of things.  like, well, love (or life - i couldn't really
hear which one she said because everyone was laughing) and weeds!!  cute
story. emily said that people keep asking her what the song is about and she
didn't know.  amy said, "we never know what each other's songs are about".
mystery - emily was in fine form - her voice was so clear and beautiful.
go - i have to say i really love this song with the band, but it was still
very fun.
power of two
johnny rotten - yee haw!!!  i've been waiting to see amy do this one
again!!!  excellent!!  heard every word.
history of us - the highlight of my evening, i think.  emily said this was
her dad's favorite song - that it had a european feel to it.  she was
talking about carolyn isaacs being from england and this would make her feel
at home.  amy commented that at one point in hte emily had to go solo
because she had another engagement.  and that emily did all these really
great songs that amy keeps asking her to do, like this one.  so, emily does
all these great songs on the night that amy can't be at the concert.  emily
said "well, it's more fun playing with you".  amy said, "yeah, it's more fun
playing".  lots of laughing and smiles on that one.
chickenman - always a roof raiser!
closer to fine - good audience participation.
point hope - i've got to get this song!!!  it's beautiful.
galileo - another good audience song.
bury my heart at wounded knee - indigenous and jackson browne back on stage
- - excellent drummer with indigenous!

at one point, amy told us she had done her laundry today (wednesday) at lobo
laundry (near the university).  she said she had a good laundry day and that
usually meant it was generally going to be a great day if you have a good
laundry day.

emily said they had been doing a lot of activities - visiting the zuni
pueblo, touring the petroglyph national monument and generally being out and
about.  she said they had been getting really wet with all the rain.  very
cute quote "we're melting right before ya'lls eyes"!

i got a pick!!  sully looked great.  she had a lot of smiles!!

ig also looked great and were on the chatty side - more than i've seen at
any other concert - could be the intimate setting and the small crowd.  i'm
embarrassed for my little city - the event obviously did not sell out.  lots
of great seats all around me.  two of our friends that were supposed to show
up bailed on us.  they had seats right behind ours.  the crowd seemed very
reserved at times.  i was the only one that attempted to stand up a couple
of times.  then, of course, i felt silly and sat back down.  people finally
stood during ctf.

okay.  sorry it was so long, but it was really fresh in my mind and i wanted
to share.

have a great day everyone.


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