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  [ig-news] atlanta listmeet 10/28             [chee hill <>]


date: tue, 24 oct 2000 23:28:24 +0000
from: chee hill <>
subject: [ig-news] atlanta listmeet 10/28

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

when:  october 28, a little after the show.  probably around 6:45 or 7pm.
the sun went down tonight at around 6:50. (don't forget to take time to
get the contacts and info you want for various causes and social projects
before you leave)

where:  inside the park, at the reflecting pool which is in the middle of
the park.  also, we will meet at jocks and jills too.  the reflecting
pool is our primary.  jocks and jills is our secondary.

the cnn center is to the south of the park.  the ampitheater is at the
most south tip of the park.  think of the the park as an egg-shaped
place.  i think the omni hotel is to the west.  i have no idea where the
hampton inn is.

cathy spinale just got booted from the list.  i don't know who's going
and who's not.  if you get lost and can't find anyone, you can call me at

i'll be outta here tomorrow, so don't e-mail me.

chee hill
p.o. box 4223
canton, ga  30114
ph:  770-606-0405

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