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date: thu, 26 oct 2000 12:38:44 -0500
from: sheryl jones <>
subject: [ig-news] re: lyrics--point hope

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  these are the lyrics to
amy's new song, available from]

point hope

hey little darling
there's something that you should know
this thing is gonna outlive us all
this thing it won't let us go
gonna take us down to nothing
gonna eat us from the inside out
and hey little darling
i don't want you feeling the fallout

when the cancer finally took him
i was watching the trucks pull in
me and your daddy we had a job
under the ground mining uranium
some things your daddy leaves you
and there's some things he don't
some things are gonna be here anyhow
and some things just won't
one thing i want you to understand
is you ain't gotta be no mining man
i curse the day that i went down
and i pulled that shit out of the ground

now we were living over in nevada
that's where your people come from
your grandma would take me and your daddy
on down to the gunnery range
we'd sit and watch the bombs blow
and when the sun goes down
all them colors running like the painted desert
and you get to see it now

them government boys had something so damn secret
they had to hide it in the desert sand
out there the skies so big
and there ain't no mistaking it
whose got the winning hand

now i've been all the way to alaska
to a town they call point hope
where they took some of what we got down here
just to see how it would grow
i hear the lichen bought it
now it's running through the caribou
i said soon little darling
ah you get to feel it too
you get to feel it too

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date: fri, 27 oct 2000 00:19:24 edt
subject: [none]

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

hi, folks,
not sure if people saw this, but i found it on a cox news service wire,
which i think is connected with the atlanta journal constitution

    duo brings act, activism to park
    by nick tate
    c. 2000 cox news service
    they've taken on big oil and the gun lobby, pressed for women's
issues and raised funds to help clean up atlanta's polluted skies
and rivers.
    and that's just in their spare time.
    amy ray and emily saliers - the indigo girls - may be as
well-known these days for their political activism as their music,
but atlanta's best-known vocal duo shows few signs of slowing down
after a 15-year run of mostly gold- and platinum-selling albums.
    saturday, ray and saliers bring their political and musical
lives together in a free centennial olympic park concert that may
feel as much like a countercultural homecoming as a folk-rock show.
they'll go on about 5:30 p.m. during the daylong event - part of
their annual honor the earth tour, which has raised $500,000 over
the years - which is expected to draw at least 10,000 fans of the
indigos' tangled-branch harmonies and acoustic guitar jamming. it
will also showcase a bevy of activist causes, political speakers
and musical guests, including michelle malone, speech and kevn
    the atlanta show is the last on the tour, which seeks to raise
funds to fight environmental injustices against native americans.
but it will also be the first hometown show since this month's
release of the 30-something duo's "retrospective" album,
featuring two new tracks and 14 others culled from their seven
studio albums.
    calling from a tour stop in indiana, saliers talked about the
music, the causes and home.
    q:with the two of you spending more time with activist causes
these days, do you worry that it gets in the way of the music?
    a:i'm sure the politics turn some people off, but i don't worry
about that. we follow our hearts. i wish more people got involved
and got to experience the gratification of making changes for the
better in the world. and it's not like when you come to our shows
we're hammering you over the head with issues; it's just a show.
there are songs we write that are straight up music - love songs,
songs about our lives. i look at people like bonnie raitt or
jackson browne or joan baez. they've all been active politically,
but make good music. and when i'm listening to bonnie sing, "i
can't make you love me," i'm not thinking about politics, i'm
thinking about love.
    q:any thoughts on atlanta's environmental ethic?
    a:it's time for atlanta to wake up. the air is horrible. i can't
even go running some days because the air is so bad. there are
pockets of environmental activism, but i think there's a
complacency because atlanta's a pretty comfortable place to live,
the neighborhoods are wonderful and there's a lot of big businesses
represented in atlanta. but i think there's a change coming. people
are getting outraged. the city too busy to hate is becoming the
city too busy to breathe.
    q:the title "retrospective" implies that you're looking back.
it's not a hint at early retirement, is it?
    a:no way (laughs). amy is coming out with a solo record - a punk
record! - next year. she'll probably follow it with a tour. and
we're going to start work on our next record in june. it'll be
recorded mostly live in the studio in atlanta. it'll be a more
acoustic record, back to our roots. we still love making music
together, we're still friends. and i still feel grateful that every
day i have the privilege of making music.
    the indigo girls
    10 a.m.-7 p.m. saturday. free. centennial olympic park, techwood
drive at international boulevard n.w. information: centennial
olympic park, 404-223-4412; earth challenge, 404-320-3039.
     o n t h e w e b : more on the indigo girls, www.indigogirls
    for concert times, other information:

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    for use by clients of the new york times news service
    nyt-10-26-00 2049edt


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