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date: fri, 13 apr 2001 15:04:18 -0500
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subject: [ig-news] metro show

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
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forgive me if there have been other posts about the chicago show alreay--i
haven't checked my e-mail yet.
it was terriffic, i thought. stood in line for four hours (i was the second
person there which i didn't expect) in the freeeeezing cold wind, and ended
up dead center, right in front of amy. i'd been looking forward to seeing a
show with just amy because i always feel really guilty cause i almost never
look at emily during ig shows and i have to divide my attention and all,
however, with the butchies on stage with amy i had that whole divided
attention thing again. i didn't know whether to look at kia (i think that's
her name) who is the ultimate guitar playing rock goddess or amy who is, as
always hot as hell. funny/interesting things amy said:
about measure of me: "i went out on a date with this guy a couple of years
ago (audible gasps here form different audience members which i found
amusing) actually it was four years ago but i'm stillin love with him, in
that rock star way. anyway, i couldn't figure out if i wanted to be him or
be with him. your basic lesbian dilemna. but i wrote this song for him."
people kept yelling and singing happy birthday to her which she liked at
first and then she was like, 'okay, okay'.
someone yelled out "galileo" and she just looked toward the back of the
room and said, "oh please!"
she also said she felt like a grandmother on stage with all the younger
people but she liked the feeling.
thewn the butchies' drummer (melissa?) said amyy i love you or you're great
or something like that and amy was like, well that's good cause you've had
to look at the back of me all night and melissa said somwthing about
enjoying that and amy thought that was funny.
the set list was the usual and the shirts are very cool, i think.
i guess that's about it.

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