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  [ig-news] more metro chicago tidbits    [greg flamer <>]


date: fri, 13 apr 2001 20:52:10 -0500
from: greg flamer <>
subject: [ig-news] more metro chicago tidbits

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

i have only seen one post on the chicago show so i thought i'd throw in some
comments.  [...]

anyway, there were some other oddities of the evening worth mentioning.
there were some protesters outside before the show.  i don't know all the
details other than that they were transgendered/transexuals (margaret and i
debated the difference all night) who were upset with amy or with the
butchies for playing at the infamous michigan womyn's fest.  they obviously
felt slighted as they are not allowed to go there as you must be born a
woman (at least that is my ignorant male knowledge of the fest).  so the
butchies felt inclined to at least address the protesters saying they love
trannies and all people rock blah blah.  no comment from amy that i heard.
some fans on the floor kept throwing bras and clothing at the butchies which
the drummer actually put on over her shirt.  only at an amy ray show would a
sportsbra be thrown on stage as opposed to a frilly victoria's secret
number.  i was dying.

amy did have quite a laugh when some dork yelled galileo.  bad enough to
yell an ig song but galileo.  i mean she should have yelled closer to fine.
that is the only thing  that would have been worse.  amy was as cool as she
could be about it explaining that we (the audience) definitely did not want
to hear galileo without emily and that the show was just her and those songs
are reserved for when they are together (read helllooooo-this is my solo
tour!).   it was quite amusing hearing the gasps in the crowd when amy
stated she went on a date with a guy.  maybe i have a chance with her :).
also enjoyed her heartfelt explanation of the song lazy-boy about the chair
her late grandmother sat in that she and the family became obsessed with
after she recently died.

best part of the evening was when she proclaimed the metro to be her (and
emily's) favorite club to play in.  if she has said that about all the
venues she only meant it about ours :)!!   i love the metro too.   i love
amy.  i am so glad she got this solo deal off her chest.  it was a rocking
concert.  see y'all soon....greg

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