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  [ig-news] stag live cd...          [dee yellowlees <>]


date: wednesday, june 13, 2001, 4:34:47 am
from: dee yellowlees <>
subject: [ig-news] stag live cd...

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  one correction though,
apparently the song emily and michelle did was "get together"...] i like an idiot drove to birmingham last night (so now i've been to
alabama...don't wanna go back...) and got the live cd at the 1945 cd release

tracks are:
late bloom
lucy stoners
hey castrator
refugee (yeay!)
and black heart today (off the disc...not live)

it was recorded at slim's in sf and it is great! i guess it was worth the 5
hr. round trip...

and in other ig related news i didn't see anyone post about emily and
michelle malone playing the aids rally at the capitol in atlanta last
week...but they played one song, "come together" it was kinda cool...and if
i ever get my pictures developed i'll try to get them up somewhere...


p.s. this is a new e-mail address for if you write me please take

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