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ig-news-digest          monday, june 18 2001          volume 04 : number 105

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  [ig-news] wolf trap tix for sale              [deb <>]


date: sun, 17 jun 2001 20:02:42 -0400
from: deb <>
subject: [ig-news] wolf trap tix for sale

i have 5 tickets for the ig show at wolf trap on 8/7.  if you have never been to wolf trap, it's an amazing place; nearly every performer i see there comments on how wonderful it is to play in that natural setting.  and don't let the esthetics fool you -- the sound there is great too.

i am asking face value for the tickets, $32, no service charges.  there are no other seats for 4 or 5 together left in the front orchestra, but i will sell in smaller quantities of no one wants that many.  the seats are in row t, seats 22-26.

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