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  [ig-news] amy quoted on new spearhead cd  [ron mcbay <>]


date: wed, 4 jul 2001 15:20:18 -0400
from: ron mcbay <>
subject: [ig-news] amy quoted on new spearhead cd

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  i just picked up the new cd "stay human" from michael franti & spearhead.
[it's excellent, by the way.]  the whole thing is a concept album wrapped around
an anti-death penalty message.

  in the liner notes there are quotes from various musicians and activitsts.
amy is one of the people quoted:

"the death penaly sucks.  it's absolutely barbaric.  it's wrong, period.  it's
proven not to deter murder, it's racially and socio-economically biased, and
it's cruel."

  don't know if she was the inspiration for it, but it's probably not a
coincidence that amy's quote is on the same page as the lyrics for the song "do
ya love" (with it's chorus: "it ain't about who ya love/it's all about do ya

  amy and michael probably first met on that spitfire speaking tour a few years
back.  spearhead later opened for indigo girls at beginning of the come on now
social tour.


"no matter where i roam, i know every single soul is a poem written on the back
of god's hand." -- every single soul (michael franti & spearhead)
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