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thought you all might enjoy emily's response to coulters article about title
ix  from usa today....from todays paper....


                     don't blame title ix for male setbacks

i read lawyer and author ann coulter's column on the law known as title
ix with jaw-dropping dismay. her ranting is an irresponsible and harmful
approach to the issue of equal opportunity in sports (''title ix defeats
male athletes,'' the forum, july 25).

women's sports are undergoing an evolution. increased participation and
competitive achievement are directly proportional to opportunity.

in the early 1970s, only one out of 23 girls or young women played
organized sports.

today, largely due to title ix -- a federal law that seeks gender parity
in collegiate sports -- one out of every three play sports.

if, in fact, male sports programs are being decimated, as coulter
suggests, it is not because of title ix.

rather, it is because of fiscal mismanagement in universities where
football programs and other moneymaking sporting events are run like
opulent corporations and not non-profits looking out for the welfare of
all sports programs.

trim the fat off these beasts, and there's plenty to go around.

according to an ncaa study, for every three new dollars going into
college athletic programs, two are going to men and one to women.

perhaps the most disturbing of coulter's assertions is her statement that
art is for girls and sports are for boys.

* tell that to soccer star mia hamm, the forward for the washington
freedom who's considered one of the world's best female soccer players.

* tell it to washington mystics forward chamique holdsclaw, one of the
top players of the women's national basketball association.

* tell it to the williams sisters, venus and serena, american tennis

athletics are an integral part of being human, male or female.

this is nothing short of a civil-rights issue: once equal opportunity
exists for all participants in all sporting events, sporting life is
lived to its fullest diversity and fulfillment.

if you build it, they will come. it's a vision for the future that only
title ix and a lot of hard work provide and protect.

lastly, while coulter is out there bashing feminists, she should thank
her sisters before her who joined a movement that provided coulter
herself a job in what would have otherwise been a man's world.

emily saliers

singer and songwriter

indigo girls (rock and folk duo)

decatur, ga.

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