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  [ig-news] musikfest, bethlehem, pa 8/6/01 review  [diane wong <arle@hotmai]


date: tue, 7 aug 2001 03:22:23 -0400
from: diane wong <>
subject: [ig-news] musikfest, bethlehem, pa 8/6/01 review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  one correction - the song
amy did with 1945 was apparently "late bloom", not "mountains
of glory"...]

hi y'all,

it's quite inspirational to hear the girls play two nights in a row.   1945
opened and they rocked, tho' the crowd wasn't too much into it.

amy introduced them, and then she later came out to play a song with them
from stag:  i think it was "mountains of glory"--correct me if i'm wrong.

the setlist, musikfest - bethlehem, pa  august 6, 2001:

least complicated
gone again*
hammer and nail
power of two*
get out the map
you've got to show
shame on you
johnny rottentail
she's saving me
closer to fine*

land of canaan

at the beginning of the show,  amy says we can move up, since we were "so
far away".  and they began to play "reunion" while we hussled our
enthusiastic legs up to the vip section from the reserved and lawn seats.
i smiled when it got to the lyric "i have no need for anger with intimate
strangers and..." because i thought of our list t-shirt the other year.

bugs were served up tonight.  flying into emily's eyes and amy's, too.  it
was humid and the bugs were subject to their instinct to move toward the
light.  least complicated was a treat, and so was hearing nashville live!
we were blessed to have *sandy garfinkel from pittsburgh, pa, to play with
the girls tonight on a few songs--he jammed on his harmonica, and added a
nice touch to old favorites.

i had never heard reunion, nashville, or johnny rottentail live.  jr was a
jumping song for amy, almost like a frenetic little country tune.  she
really seemed to enjoy playing it.

so, did you notice we got an encore?  *chuckle*  half of the audience was
already in the exit aisle along the food/drink stands.  it was very sweet
that they did loc for us, even though they were tired, you could tell they
were getting them natural highs from performing.  they had even given their
little spiel about no encores and how galileo was the encore song.

oh happy day!

the fashion report:  amy wore a blue denim-ish shirt open over her black
tank and striped pants, and emily wore a blue shirt with white in it, over a
red tee, and black jeans.  amy had a couple of necklaces on that made me
blink--for a sec, i thought it was a dog collar(with the spikes).  and i
just got new eyeglasses, too!  okay, okay, this quite a lame thing, but i
noticed that the hair length of amy and emily are the same.  amy looks
healthier (a few pounds) than a year ago; that's love for you.

you've got to show and she's saving me are beautiful emily ballads.  hearing
some of the new songs live is so awesome; stripped down acoustic is so
refreshing after cons.  i did miss dancing and hearing the 'rock out'
songs--but singing along to lc, c2f, soy, etc. was just as fun!

some comments i wanted to add from the newport ff show:

before watershed, amy said something about a rock-out song, and emily said,
"no, it's not--i wrote it!"  and then she said something about "[not
knowing] how to write a fucking rock song!"  the crowd just burst out
laughing at her honesty of the moment.

after ozillene,  amy introduced their tech, chad, and shared about his
fiasco with the airline losing his luggage and just getting in back that

emily referred to you've got to show as a sun-setting song. amy said that as
they were first playing it, she thought of the setting of newport, rhode
island at fort adams state park.

after gotm, amy said how great it is to play with emily.  even though they
have played together for 21 years, it still is so good.

the indigo girls thanked nff for having them and said that they never take
it for granted.


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