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  [ig-news] amy in madison & milwaukee  ["barbara & lia basaj-gima" <barband]
  [ig-news] cali boots                                   []
  [ig-news] amy & the butchies at michigan  [sherlyn koo <>]


date: sun, 19 aug 2001 09:44:00 -0500
from: "barbara & lia basaj-gima" <>
subject: [ig-news] amy in madison & milwaukee

i don't know if anything about these two dates has been posted yet, since i
had to go off the list for a week to switch computers and e-mail addresses.
but if not, here's my summary:

mon. 8/13, milwaukee:
this was supposed to be just a signing at atomic records, but i guess when
they realized how many people there would be, they decided to open the miramar
theater around the corner and have amy do a little acoustic performance.  she
did 5 songs, and answered questions from the audience (about 200 people, i'm
guessing).  afterwards she signed autographs in the record store.  my friend
rachel took pictures, so if i can get copies, i will scan them and make them

johnny rottentail
black heart today
a new song about the confederacy
measure of me (i think?)

wed. 8/15, barrymore theatre, madison, wi:
the butchies started off with their own set.  they seemed a little
disappointed at how quiet the crowd was, but hey, it was early, we were just
getting started.  they sounded great, except i couldn't understand a word they
sang.  i guess i'll have to get myself a cd.
then le tigre went on.  kind of powerpuff-flavored girl-pop-punk--a little too
girly-sounding for my taste, but the crowd loved 'em.  they had slides to go
with their songs, that was rather interesting.
amy came out by herself at first and did johnny rottentail.  then the butchies
joined her (wearing their black ties this time) for the rest of the show,
which included everything from stag, plus the new "confederacy" song.  they
also did tom petty's "refugee", and the encore was a butchies song, to honor
kaia's family, who were in the audience.  amy seemed pretty serious and
focused most of the time, but she did go into some lighthearted banter between
songs once in a while, or just giving some background on the lyrics.  the
crowd was energetic and appreciative, though there seemed to be more punk fans
than amy ray or ig fans, so not a whole lot of sing-along going on.

- -barb

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date: tue, 14 aug 2001 13:25:45 edt
subject: [ig-news] cali boots

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

okay here we go....

this is my boot offer for the three california shows, anaheim and both san
diego shows. right now i'm really interested in just doing b&p's, with some
limited trading if you have anything i want ;) but usually it's easier for me
to do b&p's, since i normally get a pretty big response from these.

if you got my boots from last year then you know what to expect.... these
tapes actually sound better than last year's since i bought a new tape
recorder :) all shows are 110min (the michelle sets are all 45 mins, so if
you want those you need to send  extra tapes).

show lowdown:
anaheim 7/28 - sounds pretty good with crowd noise in the background. people
were pretty noisy - screaming and hooting... but it's all in the background
(not the foreground of the recording) so it's not too bad. you can hear me
singing off-key during the sing-a-long parts (the rest of the time i keep my
mouth shut :p)
least complicated, three hits, power of 2, gone again, virginia woolf, i
don't wanna know, deconstruction of love, shame on you, get out the map,
starkville, watershed, yield, em solo: philosopy of loss, faye tucker, closer
to fine, kid fears, mystery, ozilline, amy solo: become you (or without a
heart - i'm still debating on what to call it...), she's saving me, galileo

michelle's set for this night is partial - missing the first few songs
- ---------------
san diego 7/30: sucks :( the recording itself is fine but as i said before
the two couples next to me seemed to believe they were at a bar and needed to
tell the other two their life stories.... so there is lots of conversation in
the foreground for 2/3 of the show until i finally was able to move up front.
my friend's working on digitizing it to see if she can get rid of the
talking, but i was listening to it last night and it's awfully prevalent so
i'm not sure if she'll have any luck.... so it's as-is at the moment.  if
you're a completist (ahem, jude) then you're welcome to it... otherwise you
can live without it.
gone again, least complicated, devotion, prince of darkness, three hits,
power of two, yield, get out the map, reunion, deconstruction of love, shame
on you, mystery, chickenman/bitterroot river (aka the mountain top), closer
to fine, starkville (it's about here when the recording gets a little better
- - although there were chatty people up front as well), virginia woolf,
ozilline, she's saving me, i don't wanna know, galileo, kid fears

michelle's set for this night is complete and i was in the front row so the
girls are not talking through it but us rowdy michelle fans were enjoying
ourselves ;)
- -------------
san diego 7/31: sounds pretty damn good. an occassional howl from the woman
standing next to me, but not too bad.
hammer and a nail, ozilline, watershed, gone again, leaving, land of canaan,
power of 2, yield, least complicated, you've got to show, tried to be true,
deconstruction of love, chickenman/bitterroot river, cold beer and remote
control, starkville, get out the map, devotion, closer to fine, she's saving
me, shame on you, galileo

michelle's set is complete except for the very end of teen lament when my
tape ran out.
- ------------
so for b&p's: send me a blank tape (at least 110min for the ig sets) for each
show you want and enough postage for me to send the tapes back to you. (it's
easiest for me if you can send a sase all ready for me but just postage is
fine also.) please include a note that tells me what shows you want, where
i'm sending the tapes if no sase, and include your e-mail address in case i
need to contact you. i'm also going to do colored case liners on the computer
for each show so feel free to donate a buck for my printing costs if you'd
like liners. e-mail me for my address so i don't have to tell the whole list
where i live ;)

possible trades - here's what i'm looking for at the moment, so if you have
any of this and want to trade, e-mail me:
any barbara kessler
any allette brooks
recent rose polenzani
recent kris delmhorst
recent ellis paul
recent amy and the butchies
some dar from 1996
ig: 8/29/94 mesa az (swamp ophelia)
ig: 7/18/97 red rocks co (sots)
tori amos: boston ma orpheum 6/11/94
tori amos: phoenix az symphony hall 8/19/94

anyway, e-mail me for my address or any other questions :)

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date: sun, 19 aug 2001 15:06:28 -0700
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] amy & the butchies at michigan

hey folks,

so it's a little late, but i wanted to check in with my impressions
of the michigan women's music festival (i just can't bring myself
to use the other spelling)...

amy and the butchies played on saturday night and totally rocked
out.  the set was pretty standard i think - all the songs from
"stag" plus "refugee" for the first encore and a butchies song for
the second (and third) encore.  amy also went off-stage mid-set and
the butchies did 3-4 songs of their own - "galaxy is gay" and a
couple of others.  i'm not too familiar with their stuff so i don't
know which ones.  it was all very high-energy and fun.  everyone
was very appreciative - after "refugee" (on which there were a
bunch of guests up onstage, including gretchen phillips and nedra
johnson) the crowd just wouldn't quit screaming and eventually
everyone came back to do a butchies song for a second encore.  amy
invited all the artists and volunteers to go crowd-surfing and
everyone had so much fun that when the second encore was over,
they ended up doing the same song over again as a third encore.
kind of silly, but it was a lot of fun. :)

as for the festival itself - i really didn't know what to expect
but i did end up having a good time.  i'm against the
women-born-women-only policy but i liked the incredible sense of
community.  so i guess i still have mixed feelings about it.

my musical highlight of the week - dar williams!  her set (on
friday night) was absolute perfection.

happy happy all,
=-=-=-=-= sherlyn koo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
"we will push on into that mystery
  and it'll push right back
  and there are worse things than that..."   - dar williams

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end of ig-news-digest v4 #145

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