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ig-news-digest       friday, september 28 2001       volume 04 : number 157

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  [ig-news] mp3 of the week "mailing list"  [kathrin siegmund <kathrin_siegm]


date: fri, 28 sep 2001 01:10:13 +0200
from: kathrin siegmund <>
subject: [ig-news] mp3 of the week "mailing list"

[sherlyn's note: this is an edited version of a message which
was originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

hi all!

since some people would like to get all of the weekly mp3s and had to
write to me every week to get each one, i'm putting together a list
of people who'll get the mp3s regularly.


anybody, who'd like to be included please drop me a line.

the next mp3 of the week will be send out on friday.

take care,


the opposite of love is indifference
the opposite of life is not death
it's indifference

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