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date: wed, 24 oct 2001 21:58:11 -0700
from: mandy <>
subject: [ig-news] atlanta ballet

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hey folks

so yeah, it's wednesday. better late then never, sez i....

as has been mentioned, the ig-ballet collaboration was super-cool. and for
anybody going to atlanta, the fox theatre (where the ballet was performed) is
worth a visit even without any igc; it's an incredible building.

i got a chance to talk to margo sappington (who choreographed the project) by
the stage door on sunday night. it was a neato experience all round, because
she was gushy and extravagant (my friend suzannah said later that it was like
meeting the personification of the hyperbolic stereotype of somebody who's
spent her whole life neck-deep in the ballet world) but also full of really
interesting information. touch me fall, she said, was the first song she
("of course") and the rest followed. she also related to me a recent
conversation with amy, in which amy confessed that her initial reaction to
hearing tmf named in the program was "oh, crap." the song, amy told margo
sappington, had been dead to her for several years - she'd tried it in both
stadiums and clubs but had never felt that it worked. i'm assuming she told
margo this because she's since changed her mind... at any rate the song
marvellous live, full of energy. hearing it life with an orchestra, though, i
can see why it might have felt wrong without a full string section on hand.

the other interesting thing margo sappington told me is that, pending a good
reception from the arts community, this project is far from over. the folks at
the ballet are trying to rustle up funding for a video, and with any luck the
show will eventually go on tour. :)

to all the folks i met this weekend, especially the crowd who convened at
eddie's for the michelle malone show - it was so good to meet you all.

still tired but also still euphoric

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