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this appeared in today's orange county register about the grove show...

indigo girls in finest voice at the grove

the duo shows its dual talent for songcraft and musicality in an 18-song
acoustic set.

february 21, 2002

by robert kinsler
special to the register

the indigo girls made it look so easy throughout a rich and varied performance
at the grove of anaheim on tuesday night.

performing for 90 minutes, amy ray and emily saliers used only the blending of
their voices, six- and 12-string guitars, mandolin and harmonica to deliver 18
original songs from throughout their catalog.

their music is at once decidedly out of step with the tastes of modern-day
commercial radio, and timeless.

like brothers neil and tim finn (crowded house, split enz), ray and saliers
fuse well- sung harmonies, traditional songcraft and melodic choruses to
support real-life stories about love, loss and survival.

many of the songs featured were off "become you," a dozen-track collection of
new songs set for release march 12. based on the acoustic versions performed
tuesday, those expecting any significant departure from the past will be
disappointed. however, the good news is that their lyrical tales continue to
deepen, offering a growing understanding of themselves and their place in the

"become you," penned by ray, thoughtfully examines her southern roots, torn
between being proud of where she's from and the south's history of racism. on
another new song, saliers' beautiful ballad "deconstruction," the women sang so
perfectly together it was easy to overlook their guitar work, played with equal
nuance and grace.

indeed, it's easy to overlook the skill of the indigo girls as
multi-instrumentalists. "chickenman" featured saliers' blistering guitar solo,
while ray played both guitar and harmonica on "starkville."

they closed with a celebratory "galileo," their enduring sound enhanced by a
tuneful audience that needed no prompting to sing along.

in the opening set, santee sioux spoken-word performer john trudell, backed by
a three-member band, delivered a raw and charged 30 minutes of original musical
storytelling. featuring material off his forthcoming "bone days" (executive
produced by actress angelina jolie and set for release march 5 on ray's daemon
records), trudell highlighted the set with "hanging from the cross," using
artful poetry to deliver a virtual history lesson on the clash between european
and american indian cultures, set against a haunting musical backdrop of rock
and blues.

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