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  [ig-news] drew u. - one more thing             [mg <>]


date: sat, 02 mar 2002 15:43:02 -0500
from: mg <>
subject: [ig-news] drew u. - one more thing

one more thing about the drew u. show on thursday... sulli did a great job
up there!  because i had a spot right up front it was easy to see her
constant movement behind the scenes.  she was right on top of things when
amy kept busting mandolin strings.  after the show was over, she and another
gal had to pack up the ig stuff and clear the stage asap for the vagina
monologues production, and they did it in record time.  i was both amazed
and impressed.
    also, i noticed for the first time (probably because i was so close),
that sulli has pictures of xena and her trusty sidekick, gabrielle, taped up
on the guitar racks!  what  hoot!  i didn't know she was a xena & gabrielle
fan.  do a&e share her interest in the warrior princess and the battling
bard, or is sulli the only fan?

battle on...

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