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  [ig-news] miami herald review- 3 stars                    []


date: fri, 29 mar 2002 17:14:00 est
subject: [ig-news] miami herald review- 3 stars

hey gang- from the miami herald 3.28.02

"the indigo girls' return to the coffehouse folk flavorings of their
earliest releases is a welcome move.
  on the often sublime become you, the georgia pair -amy ray and emily
saliers- graft hummable melodies and soft instrumentation like mandolins,
acoustic guitars and a gentle sax, to lyrics both powerful and probing.
  the confederacy-damning title track ("our southern blood, my heresy, damn
that ol' confederacy") and relationship questioning hope alone ("you were
looking for your distance and sensing my resistance/you had to do your
will/i had to learn the hard way/we were just an empty dream too big for
hope alone to fill") represent the scope of the girls' concerns here, and,
in stressing the appeal of their two-part harmonies and knack for grabby
melodies, the indigos are closer than ever to fine." -howard cohen

listening to: cassandra wilson/belly of the sun

and these days i wish i was 6 again
oh make me a red cape, i wanna be superman
if only my life was more like 1983
all these things would be more like they were at the start of me -john mayer
let's face it, kids... rick's webpage

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