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  [ig-news] world cafe                         [lori ann <>]


date: sun, 28 apr 2002 03:26:49 -0700
from: lori ann <>
subject: [ig-news] world cafe

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi folks,

just back from a trip and not sure if anyone has
posted this yet, but i just saw this:

saturday, may 4 & monday, may 6
the indigo girls joins david dye on the world cafe.
it's a live session at indre
studios in philadelphia. amy and emily will perform
songs from their latest
release "become you" including the title track and the
new cafe favorite "moment
of forgiveness". later, as part of our 10th
anniversary celebration david will
delve into the archives. today it's los lobos from

check your local npr affiliate to see if they carry it
(mine doesn't ):


there's lot's to learn
but that's not your fault
that's just your turn
             --dar williams

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