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date: sat, 4 may 2002 10:52:55 edt
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indigo girls choose k
updated 15:09 pdt fri, may 03 2002

k's choice are headed back to north america
for the first time since their appearances at lilith fair in 1999. now in the
support slot for indigo girls, k's choice will stay on this side of the pond
may 27 through june 15, catching the girls' east coast shows.
k's choice have enjoyed widespread success in their homeland and throughout
europe. the band's debut, the great subconscious club, was released under the
name the choice in 1993. the choice hit the road running the following year,
supporting groups like morphine, the proclaimers and the indigo girls in
europe and america.
while touring with the indigo girls in the states, the choice became k's
choice after another band claimed rights to the name. the "k" in the band's
name is taken from jozef k, the key protagonist in kafka's "the trial."

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