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  [ig-news] two tickets for the 6/1 boston show  [wendi dumbroff <penelopey@]


date: sat, 11 may 2002 11:18:35 edt
from: wendi dumbroff <>
subject: [ig-news] two tickets for the 6/1 boston show

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
originally sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

i am very sad that i will not be able to attend this concert [...]
anyway, the tickets are sec 1, row dd, seats 4 and 5.  the cost is
$82.50 for the two, which is what i paid for them, including the
"convenience" charges from ticketmaster.

if anyone is interested, let me know off list.  if anyone is on the
boston area list, feel free to forward this post along.


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