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  [ig-news] indianapolis 6/28   [anne haines <>]


date: sat, 29 jun 2002 23:36:13 -0500
from: anne haines <>
subject: [ig-news] indianapolis 6/28

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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just a few quick notes about last night's show at the murat in indy. it
was possibly the best ig show i've ever seen (this was my 7th, which makes
me a bit of a novice compared to some folks, but hey). norah jones gave us
a lovely opening set, and then the pretty much sold-out crowd was on its
feet from the first notes of "bitterroot" and stayed there till the end.
amy especially seemed amazed at the audience enthusiasm -- at one point
she said "you guys are great! my face hurts from smiling so much!" amy
was, in fact, smiling a lot -- i don't think i have ever seen her so
bouncy and smiley, which was just wonderful to see.

we got a pretty terrific bonus when they brought out norah jones and her
guitarist to do "midnight train to georgia." it was just fun. "chickenman"
- -- sans band, just a&e and guitars -- kicked a lot of ass, with emily
doing an extended guitar solo that blew me away. "laramie" absolutely
smoked, as did "go." i do wish they'd done "she's saving me," but we got a
lovely "philosophy of loss" and "watershed" sounded better than ever.

the setlist, thanks to someone on the ig bbs (i didn't write it down)
(and apologies if this has already been posted -- i'm on digest these

get out the map
become you
you've got to show
shame on you
power of two
faye tucker
collecting you
closer to fine
midnight train to georgia (w/norah jones)
deconstruction of love
least complicated

moment of forgiveness
philosophy of loss
go (i wanted this never to end!)

in some ways it really was a nearly-perfect show. it was just some of the
best energy i've ever experienced at a show, and the murat is such a great
place for a concert anyway.

- -anne in indiana
(who's been here forever but hardly ever posts anymore, heh)

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