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date: mon, 5 aug 2002 15:28:39 +0100
from: "claudine lapsky" <>
subject: [ig-news] uk - cambridge folk festival

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hello again,

onto our final review of the day...

cambridge folk festival, 4 august 2002

i think the theme of the day was mud.  lots of it.  but hey, i suppose
that's what it's like to go to festivals in the uk in the summertime!

although the festival was over a weekend, we decided to only go for the
one day to see the girls.  but i was impressed with the other artists we
saw play...dubliners, cara dillon, alison brown quartet, kate rugsby,
and john prine.  that was the joy of getting there early.  managed to
sneak to the front and got second row places for the day.

the girls came on stage at 8:40pm and played their headlining 1 hour 15
min slot.  came out to a rapturous reception.  it was nice to see the
other festival goers enjoy the girls too.  again, they had lots of dry
ice over the stage.  i suppose it looked good against the lighting, but
hey, it affects the photos we take! ;-)

the entire show was video recorded.  not sure if that's for the webcast
or the tv highlights that are expected to be shown here next week.

what can we say?  the girls looked great and were in great spirits.  amy
said that she felt nervous about these things (the tv cameras
presumably?), but again that didn't show.  emily commented on how
honoured they felt to be playing at this historical festival, the 38th
year of the festival in fact.


get out the map
become you
power of two
gone again
virginia woolf
closer to fine (with alison brown)
least complicated
i don't wanna know (with seth lakeman from the cara dillon band)
soon be to nothing (with the cara dillon band)
moment of forgiveness

in typical ig spirit, they were the only performers who collaborated
with other artists.  apparently they didn't know that alison brown was
playing at the festival until they arrived, but quickly asked her to
play on closer to fine.  they commented on how she is a "player" (of the
banjo) and not a "hacker" as amy calls herself.  it was funny though as
after alison played the banjo solo in place of the pennywhistle solo,
emily looked as if she didn't know and was just so in awe of alison's
playing.  she commented afterwards that she doesn't know if it's
inspiring or debilitating when you hear someone play that well.

it was nice to hear soon be to nothing with cara dillon and her band.
that was a song they learned together back in the may tour.  emily
forgot the words to that song and had to stop and start again.  she said
she remembered them as soon as she stopped.

they stopped during the intro of gone again to retune.  saying that it's
a horrible thing when a mandolin and a banjo aren't tuned properly.  it
was during this that emily asked us whether we minded the mud.  just
another we do for the girls is my response!  but it was at that point
that amy chipped in and said how they hate to headline at festivals in
the states as a lot of people leave early "to beat the traffic".

fashion report:

amy - exactly the same as portsmouth, except she had no braids
emily - black top, urban camouflage pants and running shoes that looked

and there we have it.  edinburgh tomorrow.  :-)


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date: mon, 5 aug 2002 13:48:05 +0100
from: "claudine lapsky" <>
subject: [ig-news] uk tour - portsmouth

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey everybody,

we have a day off today, so thought we'd write reviews of the past 3
shows in this current, wonderful uk tour.

wedgewood rooms, portsmouth 1 august

the venue was so tiny.  capacity of 400 and it looked only two thirds
full.  we had heard that this was a little warm up show for the rest of
the tour.  having done the worthy ritual of waiting in line for 5-6
hours, we had front row spots, directly in front of amy.  the stage was
pretty low and the barrier was right up against the stage, so at times
it felt like we were practically sitting on amy's lap!  loved that!  ;-)
first time i've had such a good view of the girls' footwear too and we
could read the setlist as soon as sulli stuck them to the ground.


the wood song
shame on you
i don't wanna know
power of two
become you
you've got to show
lucy stoners
get out the map
three hits
closer to fine
faye tucker
history of us
gone again
hope alone (a request.  replaced collecting you on the setlist)

this was just an acoustic duo show.  the girls apologised for not
bringing the band.  they said they couldn't afford to bring them.

the girls were in good spirits, although they talked of feeling jet
lagged.  but amy said she didn't feel tired when jet-lagged, just felt
like she was on speed!!  emily said that they'd been to the shore at
portsmouth and she commented on how all english dogs looked the same!
(i think she was referring to border collies).  amy looked as bemused as
we were and said that emily must have been in an area that was reserved
for those dogs!!  what!??  might not sound it now, but it was funny at
the time.

the girls told us that peter collins was in the audience and it was he
who suggested using the saxophone on the song they were about to've got to show.  amy told us that he had told her to just
sing and not play on that song and so we was going to openly defy him by
singing and playing tonight.  sounded great.  we were later told that it
was peter's influence who put the string section into hope alone on the
album.  emily said that  "he's very polite, but has a way of sticking in
there until he gets his way".

i believe that amy is trying to promote stag whilst she's over here, now
that daemon releases have distribution over here at last.  so it was a
treat to hear lucy stoners.

oh, and emily muffed a chord!  when playing power of two, she missed the
intro riff a little bit and said "whoops" in the cutest way.  aaaah.

there were a couple of kids in the audience that emily commented on.
she asked them their ages and whether they always go to late night
concerts!  she then told us that her first ever concert was john denver.
she said "i was so queer" going to the show in a western shirt with a
red bandana at the top and denim jeans.  somehow that led to the
introduction history of us, emily told us how it's her dad's favourite
song and that she loves her dad...and mom too.  so she sent that song
out to them across the ocean.

fashion report:
amy wearing her braids, which i think look much better in the flesh than
in picture, her stripy blue/white trousers, stompy boots and her
blue/red/white t-shirt with the red woman's face on the front.
emily - faded black jeans, black v-neck t-shirt under a blue denim
overshirt with the patterned panels on the front and black boots.

merchandise report:
new t-shirts and a new baseball cap.  both have the same design of an
origami bird, perhaps a swan, with indigo girls written underneath.  the
t-shirt features the uk tour dates.  then there's the same red become
you t-shirt, the sleeveless purple ig - become you t-shirt and the blue
one from the last tour, with their photo on the front and this time the
new dates on the back.

more to come...


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date: mon, 5 aug 2002 14:30:54 +0100
from: "claudine lapsky" <>
subject: [ig-news] uk tour - london

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hi again, back with a co-writer, jen  part 2...

union chapel, london 3 august 2002

this show was billed as an evening of words and music with special guest
sarah waters.  we had no idea what that would mean.  amy had talked
about it at portsmouth, saying that they had meetings about the show and
were going to do something different for us.

well, different it certainly was and it just worked so well.  there were
readings of poems and literature that related to the songs that were
played and acted as an introduction to the themes in the songs.  was
very well done and the readings were so apt.  this was the first time
that they had done something like this and the girls felt it necessary
to do something different in london as this was their third visit in 8
months.  they had invited sarah waters to do this with them and she
kindly accepted.

the venue also added so much to the magic of the night.  union chapel is
a working church and so we were sat in the pews for the show.  it was
funny because there had been a wedding in the church that afternoon.
there was a pulpit in the middle of the stage, so we were ready to be
preached at by amy and emily.  :-)

the show started with dry ice being pumped into the stage and then the
girls, sarah waters and carol isaacs took their places on the stage.
this is how the show ran...

intro from emily
sarah - extract from tipping the velvet
emily, amy & sarah - extracts from virginia woolf's diary
virginia woolf
amy - poem by frank stanford called "the funeral ship"
three hits
get out the map
amy, emily & sarah - letter from cecilia (a zapatista) about the murder
of ingrid (native american activist)
nuevas senoritas
sarah - shakespeare's sonnet 24, followed by extract from affinity
collecting you
sarah - biography of lucy stone
amy solo - lucystoners
sarah - reading from elizabeth bowden about the blitz
emily solo - history of us
least complicated
amy, emily & sarah - transcript of court case about a murder of 10 black
men in the south in 1860s
become you
sarah - sex scene reading from fingersmith (amy and emily specifically
requested a sex scene to counteract the "sickly sentimentality of the
next song"...
power of two
sarah - reading about death
emily - a phrase about death
she's saving me.
emily - reading called the drinking gourd (negro spiritual thing)

watershed (a request)
closer to fine

amy was visibly nervous during the first few readings, but it didn't
affect her performance.  she did appear to be fidgety before her turn to
read though...all this nervous energy she has!

it was fascinating the girls facial expressions/reactions to sarah's
readings.  the most interesting being the reading from fingersmith...yes
the sex scene!  i believe amy was pleased to have a guitar to hide
behind!  ;-)

most of the readings were from the 1860-80s and that garnered a lot of
whoops from the audience.  sarah was very amused by this.

fashion report:

amy was wearing her pointy new cowboy boots, blue jeans, a very low cut
black strappy top (had a very good view of her chest tattoo!) and a blue
short sleeved overshirt, black with what looked like a dragon
embroidered on the front.
emily was wearing black boots, blue jeans, black t-shirt with pink short
sleeved overshirt.

that's it.  more to follow...

claudine and jen

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end of ig-news-digest v5 #168

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