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  [ig-news] hellew from sleepytown usa aka cary nc  ["susan marine" <susmari]


date: sat, 31 aug 2002 13:36:55 -0400
from: "susan marine" <>
subject: [ig-news] hellew from sleepytown usa aka cary nc

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
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hi friends, a small field report from the road. the cary, nc show tonight was
pleasant enough....despite the snoozerama
audience. i don't want to revisit the whole debate about concert etiquette and
such but truly, of you prefer the quiet,
sedate and barely there audience, tonight would have been your show of shows.
it was truly astounding. i was in row
a--- that would be the front row-- and i felt totally dorky standing up and
dancing *during closer to fine* and a few of the
others from the firggin' greatest hits collection. this audience was
astonishingly quiet and spent most of the evening
keeping their seats warm, even the first ten rows. i don't know why, but
apparently it's the thing to do down in these very little enthusiasm of any kind for people you paid 52
buckaroos to see!

highlights included: jonas and ezekiel, wood song, gone again, johnny
rottentail (altho i am practically convinced i am
the only person in the venue--besides maybe chris imershein ;-)-- who
recognized that one!), and the stuff from the latest
record sounded great too (become you, deconstruction, she's saving me,
collecting you, etc.). the girls looked a bit
weary but who can blame them? they need a nice long two week break before they
see me again in poughkeepsie in
two weeks ;)

anyway, that's my report from the road. the whole set including encore was less
than 90 mintues, so it was brief, sweet,
and calm. again, some of you would have loved it....i liked it, but missed my
raucous compatriots ;)

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