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date: sun, 1 sep 2002 11:21:17 -0700
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subject: [ig-news] re: ig in cary, nc

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
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  yes, as others have noted, it was a good, but sleepy concert.

  since i was unable to get tickets up front (and with the threat of heavy
rain), i opted instead for the reserved table seats in the rear, under the

  the rain was never that bad, and while it was nice to recline in the back,
the venue was much too large for the acoustic set.


  i managed to get 2 picks and then a set list from the sound board (thanks
michelle!).  the set list actually says it's from dublin on 8/8, but they
may have changed a couple of things:

get out the map
become "sue"
power of "sue"
shame on "sue"
collecting "sue"
three hits (i don't remember them playing this, did they?)
closer to fine
johnny rottentale  (yep, i recognized this from amy's tour last year -- she
was really jamming on it, but not getting much feedback from the audience)
gone again
least complicated
she's saving me  (ghost was crossed out)
chickenman (with a medley of bitter root at the end)
- ------------
"?" on set list (kid fears played)

(i'm not sure what the inside joke was with all the "you" and "two" words
being crossed out and replaced with "sue" -- maybe they knew you were coming
susan!  :-)

it was nice to hear some of the acoustic songs like mystery (one of my
favorites! -- i love the line "my heart the red sun, your heart the moon
clouded") and wood song  (though i too wondered when wood song became an
"old" song!!  :-)  and all the new songs on become you continue to grow on
me... (no "moment of forgiveness" tonight though).

some songs lose a little punch without the band behind them (shame on you,
chickenman), and i have to say, i kinda liked the rocked-out version of
power of two that they did on the suffragette sessions tour.

all in all, a good show, but it could have been better in a smaller venue,
with a livelier crowd.  not to complain though -- it is nice to see them
acoustic without the band on occasion (and close to home now too!).


enjoy their swing back through new england and elsewhere!

"nobody gets a lifetime rehearsal, as specks of dust we're universal"

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