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  [ig-news] amy @ garal fundraiser 10/07/02                []


date: tue, 8 oct 2002 00:38:43 edt
subject: [ig-news] amy @ garal fundraiser 10/07/02

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amy played at a garal fundraiser tonight here in atlanta at the king plow
arts center.   she played four songs - lucy stoners, dairy queen, romeo &
juliet, and johnny rottentale.   totally amazing peformance, of course.   =)
she even broke a string during johnny r, but played right through it, never
missing a word.

she was in great spirits, and seemed to be very happy with everyone who
turned out to see her play and support the cause.   what was so nice was that
the organizers also recognized the fact that half the room was there because
of amy's contribution to the event, and they were very grateful to her.  so
grateful that she spent half the night being applauded (much to her
embarrassment, i think).

thanks again to brian for posting about this event!

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