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  [ig-news] under face value!  cupertino!  tonight!  ["karen r." <indigokare]


date: fri, 13 dec 2002 11:35:41 est
from: "karen r." <>
subject: [ig-news] under face value!  cupertino!  tonight!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i have one ticket for sale (possibly 2, but i will not know until 3pm or so).
you will have to meet me outside the venue on time (with cash) tonight if
you want it.  i am selling it for under face value.  i will be the person
with an alligator floppy hat.  i am really short, so i am hard to miss.  if
you are at all interested, please call my cell!  (415) 307-2074.  if no
answer, leave a message.  i need to get rid of this ticket!

i will not be on e-mail between now and the show.  i will be down in the
south bay all day if you want to meet earlier, that may be possible.

the seat is not so great.  it is on row y.  but it is on the main floor.  if
i did end up having two to sell, they would be together.  i am asking $30

:-) karen

"they're sending soldiers to distant places, xs and os on someone's drawing
like green and plastic, but with human faces, and they want to tell you it's
a merciful
sword; but with all the blood newly dried in the deserts, can we not
fertilize the land with something else?  there is no nation, by god exempted,
lay down your weapons
and love your neighbor as yourself..."
~~ emily saliers, indigo girls

"now i'm running to the end of the earth, and i'm swimming to the edge of the
sea, and i'm laughing, i'm under a starry sky, this world was meant for me,
don't bury me, carry me"
~~ amy ray, indigo girls

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