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ig-news-digest        thursday, march 13 2003        volume 06 : number 032

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  [ig-news] photo album from barb:  ig pics from mpls show!!!  [barb bordner]


date: wed, 12 mar 2003 07:38:08 -0800
from: barb bordner <>
subject: [ig-news] photo album from barb:  ig pics from mpls show!!!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

here they are at long last! enjoy!


you've been invited to view barb's photos
online at ofoto! just click on the link below to get

these photos will be stored in your account for future
viewing, and you can order kodak prints of your

you'll need to sign in to your ofoto account to get
started. if you don't currently have an ofoto account,
just join for free and you'll get free shipping on
your first order (restrictions apply)!

questions? visit

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ofoto customer service
phone: (800) 360-9098
outside the us and canada: (512) 651-9770
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