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  [ig-news] sxsw - 8 years ago!               [diane <>]


date: sun, 16 mar 2003 21:19:44 -0600
from: diane <>
subject: [ig-news] sxsw - 8 years ago!

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was
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damn i'm old!  :-)

just finished up a crazy 4 days of the sxsw music festival.

one of the founders of the fest was interviewed about his top 10 moments
from the entire 16 years.  his number 2 moment:

> 2
> good god!(1995)jesus christ superstar is a rather
> mind-blowing experience on its own terms,
> but the production took a decidedly
> feminist tone as indigo girl amy ray
> assumed the role of christ. the
> sxsw crowd went wild as ray entered
> from the back of the auditorium,
> belting out the words to the song "what's the buzz?"
hard to believe it was that long ago. one of the most memorable shows
i've ever seen,   no. 3 moment, johnny cash's appearence.  not bad
company to keep.



the festival's 6 greatest moments
march 07, 2003
by erin
steele and stephen saito
daily texan


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