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date: 07/06/03 18:54
from: humboldt 101 <>
subject: [ig-news] ig stuff for sale

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at  not news, but there's some interesting
stuff on the list...]

hey folks, what happens when two indigo girls fans are in a relationship? they look around and realize they have two of a lot of stuff  from their pre relationship days. we thought we'd keep everything as backup, you know if something happens to one cd, we've still got another....but now we're realizing that it's all a lot to be carrying around, and it's time to downsize. so, on a first come first serve basis, let me know if you want anything. please take this stuff off our hands!!
all cds $7.00 each unless otherwise noted
new mongrels-big cup of empty
new mongrels-not dead yet
catie curtis-self titled
melissa etheridge-yes i am
melissa etheridge-your little secret
danielle howle and the tantrums-do a two sable
danielle howle-live at mckissick museum
dar williams-mortal city
dar williams-the green world
ani difranco-up up up up up
rose polenzani-anybody
michelle malone-homegrown
michelle malone-beneath the devil moon
michelle malone-for you not them
amy ray-stag
indigo girls
come on now social (digipack autographed by emily in blue pen $35)
shaming of the sun  
1200 curfews (digipack)
swamp ophelia (1 digipack, 1 jewel case)
rites of passage
back on the bus yball
nomads indians saints
strange fire
self titled
import-4.5 ($10)
starter kit
get together (no liner notes or cover, just disc in jewel case)
i donbt wanna talk about it
watershed (1. studio version version 3.all along the watchtower)
shame on you (1. radio edit, 2. studio version)
get out the map
cold beer and remote control [1. studio 2. interview segment 3. shame on you (live) 4. interview segment 5. peace tonight (live)]
peace tonight
shed your skin [1. studio 2. live version 3. tom morello remix 4. shame on you (live)]
blue ep [1. shed your skin (tom morello remix) 2. get out the map (live) 3. shame on you (live) 4. everything in itbs own time (live) 5. blister in the sun (live) 6. shed your skin (live)]
compilations (with ig songs):
spirit of b73 (it wonbt take long)
free your mind vol 1 (andy)
siren song "a celebration of women in music" (closer to fine)
lilith fair (2 disc set all live-scooter boys, water is wide w/jewel, sarah mclachlan) ($12)
lilith fair vol 3 (get out the map)
sweet relief 2 (free of hope)
tame yourself (ibll give you my skin w/michael stipe)
no boundaries (go)
the clash tribute (clampdown)
theodore: an alternative music sampler (kid fears-live)
stanley, son of theodore (pushing the needle too far-live)
t-shirts $10.00 each
black daemon records large
blue shed your skin xlarge

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