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date: tue 19-aug-2003 1:51am
subject: [ig-news] wolftrap

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
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since i havent seen a setlist or a review up yet , i will try to give a quick

i particularly enjoyed tonights show -i thought the crowd was great - even if
everyone wasnt dancing (although we all were in my section which was great)
everyone seemed to be singing and pretty respectful of the new stuff.

for all you fashion conscious fans  - amy and emily both looked great. amy
was in a tank top and plaid pants (not the ones with the matching kilt, just
some red white and blue plaid) and emily was in a t-shirt covered up by some long
sleeved shirt that appeared to have been bedazzled on the back.

they sounded awesome. got to see new songs  with only one guitar player
(crazy game-esque) but they both took turns singing without guitars... here was the

hammer and nail
shame on you
become you
power of two
perfect world
fill it up again
gone again
wood song
new emily song (free in you - or something - i cant remember and i cant read
my handwriting)
dairy queen - with emily on mandolin - thats a first for me
closer to fine
collecting you
chickenman >>>bitterroot

all that we let in
kid fears

so thats about it - i thought cordero was great - all in all a great show
from start to finish. they seemed tobe in good moods, joked about the power grid
and the need to search for alternative energy sources (considering that is
what the entire last honor the earth tour was about) talked about the new record
- - doesnt have a name yet...etc.

for all those who ent tonight - i hope you had as much fun as i did - and
hopefully i will see some of you tomorrow night in baltimore.


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