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date: sat, 8 nov 2003 15:58:42 -0800
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subject: [ig-news] seattle 11/7/03 review

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we just returned to the spokane area after our pilgrimage to seattle
for the friday night show at the moore theater, and what a treat!  such
a lovely (surprising!) little theater in downtown seattle, a
wonderfully intimate space for an amazing acoustic duo concert!

here's the set list:

hammer and a nail
ozilline (w/ michelle malone)
power of two
become you
come on home (?)
perfect world
get out the map
dairy queen
free in you
shame on you (w/ michelle)
closer to fine
a heartache for everyone (?)
virginia woolf
chickenman/bitterroot river

1st encore:
make it pay (?) (amy solo)

2nd encore:
kid fears

amy and emily both looked better than i've seen them looking in years
- -- relaxed, fit, healthy, and really happy to be doing what they're
doing.  acoustic duo shows are always a treat, as the focus is much
more in listening than "getting lost in the sound", if that makes any
sense, and they took full advantage of the more intense and mellow
nature of the show to really blow me away.

the new material is some of the strongest i've heard from them since
swamp ophelia, and if it's any indication, this new album (due out in
january or february, "hopefully january" according to emily) is going
to be excellent.  perfect world and free in you both stand out.  i
don't know all the new titles, so i had to fake a few.  the audience
was making requests for the new material, and as usual, a&e seemed
mystified and a little delighted that their new stuff is known before
it's even released.  "they have their mysterious ways," commented emily
at one point.

watershed, ghost, virginia woolf, and kid fears.  i couldn't have
gotten a better setlist if i'd requested it.  there's always a few i'm
hoping they'll play (mystery would have been nice -- my 10-year
anniversary with jeff is later this month, and he has always said that
song is about our relationship), but as usual, they put together the
perfect setlist for the night, and put it out there with such passion
and intensity as i've not seen from them in a long time.

chickenman and bitterroot run together so nicely -- for a moment, i
thought we were going to get an amy soc, but instead slid into
bitterroot for a great surprise and treat.

virginia woolf has such an incredible power in the acoustic duo form...
  i was in tears of joy and recognition by the end.

the real surprise for the night was the second encore.  i can't, off
the top of my head, recall seeing this from them before, and it seemed
to be a gift to their seattle audience, who was the most diversely
made-up group i've seen at an ig show since 1999's bumbershoot
appearance.  kid fears, with the audience filling in the michael stipe
part... it always gives me goosebumps.

great show, part of an excellent tour.  without wanting to slam any of
ig's released, i think this new album is going to be what become you
wanted to be -- a strong return to the days of rop and so style ig
material.  (of course, with the band, the entire thing could be
different -- only a couple of months before we all find out!)

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