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  [ig-news] the grove at anaheim - nov. 18, 2003  ["diane wong" <arle@hotmai]


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subject: [ig-news] the grove at anaheim - nov. 18, 2003

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

hello intimate strangers!

greetings from the west coast, where i now reside and work!  my brother mark
and i set off for anaheim around 5 p.m.  we took the 5 freeway down to
katella avenue for a night of rocking acoustic folk music with michelle
malone and the indigo girls: amy ray and emily saliers!

the grove is right next to edison field where the anaheim angels play
baseball.  for some reason, i was expecting it to be outdoors, but it was a
warehouse-type indoor venue with surprisingly outhouses as well as the
regular bathrooms!  but, alas, i digress.


michelle malone took the stage at 8:30pm and she rocked it with her first
two songs.  then slowed it down for the next three, and then, ended up with
a country-folkish, good-time song.  (setlist that i can remember: 2 horns
and 2 wings,  cypress inn,  preacher's daughter, lefayette, avalon) linda b.
did great on background vocals and her drums.


amy and emily then took the stage to a round of applause and hollering from
the audience.  this setlist i did by memory because i left the pen in the
car, so corrections are welcome:

hammer and a nail
power of two
i don't wanna know (mm)
fill it up again
perfect world
all that we let in
collecting you
closer to fine (mm)
land of canaan
virginia woolf
chickenman/bitterroot (mm)
shame on you (mm)

i cried

(mm) = michelle malone

amy and emily were happy to be in l.a. once again, so soon after their
september 26th appearance at descanso gardens.  they came back for me!  (i
was over the pacific ocean flying back from thailand.)

people were requesting various songs again including love will come to you
and older songs.  amy was talking to the people upfront, and said about
lwcty, "maybe, we can do that song, oh wait.  that's emily's song."  emily
looked at her and smiled at the peeps, "i don't know that song very well
right now."

a toy koala bear was handed over to emily and the tag on the ear said, "when
are you coming to australia again?"  emily said, "yes, we've been there a
couple of times...but it's such a fucking long flight!"  amy said, "yeah, so
we have to find stuff to do, and you can give us stuff like that."

after hearing a few of the new songs, i agree with prior reviewers--the
songs are reminiscent of swamp ophelia with harmonies and lyrics, and
injections of fun in there.  i can't wait for the new album:  emily said,
"february, probably."  it seemed like she also is ready for it to be

highlights for me were hearing the new songs, reunion, watershed, virginia
woolf, and the rousing emily solo on chickenman, michelle on her harmonica;
and listening to power of two with my brother, since he introduced me to the
indigo girls six years ago with that very song--that we also played at our
brother's wedding in august.

thank you amy, emily, michelle, linda, sulli, and crew for coming to so cal!


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