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subject: [ig-news] emily at "'super bowl' of religion meets

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atlanta, nov. 21--it's the super bowl and final four of theology all wrapped into one, as at least 8,000 religious scholars gather in atlanta on saturday for the nation's top religious conference. the american academy of religion and the society of biblical literature will hold their annual meetings together to focus on the hottest trends in religious scholarship.

   for four days, the scholars will present their latest research, honor their best and hold discussions on everything from zen buddhism to the spirituality of "star trek" and "pinocchio."  

   the conference is so sprawling that organizers printed a 400-page program book to accommodate 500 sessions planned for the meeting. related academic meetings began thursday. "this is the place to go," said barbara deconcini, executive director of the american academy of religion and an emory university professor. "it's the world's largest gathering of scholars of religion, and it happens just once a year."  

   don saliers, an emory university religion professor, who will present a performance workshop on worship tonight with his daughter, emily saliers, a member of the grammy-winning duo the indigo girls.


   most of the events, however, are not open to the public, unless you're willing to pay a $330 registration fee for the entire four-day conference or $150 for one day.

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