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ig-news-digest        monday, december 15 2003        volume 06 : number 133

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  [ig-news] track listing for all that we let in         []


date: sun 14-dec-2003 4:28pm
subject: [ig-news] track listing for all that we let in

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1. fill it up again
2. heartache for everyone
3. free in you
4. perfect world
5. all that we let in
6. tether
7. come on home
8. dairy queen
9. something real
10. cordova
11. rise up

a few things... they cut let me go easy.  i kind of had an incling that they
wouldf after not hearing it on the west coast or in nyc, but how sad.

i knew that rodeo wouldn't be on there.  it has  got to be something amy is
saving for her next solo album

i guessed that fill it up again would be the first track.  ;)


karen :-)

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