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hey kids,

here's the latest official mailer...


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date:   mon 24-may-2004 9:59am
subject:        indigo girls street team!

hello again!

amy and emily are going back out on the road and we need new street team volunteers to distribute posters and flyers in the markets listed below.

please note that we continue to refine the process to make the offer and acceptance process quick and easy for everyone.

here is the deal this go round:

1 - we will give volunteers a free pair of tickets.
2 - if you are interested, please e-mail us - -
3 - please notify us by no later than midnight, wednesday the 26th to be considered
4 - the subject line must start with your city (very important)
5 - you will be notified by friday afternoon if you are selected to join.
6 - this email address will be shut down by the end of the week.

thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm - it makes the whole
promotion process fun and rewarding.

best regards,


gilford, nh
asbury park, nj
philadelphia, pa
columbia, md / washington, dc
sterling heights, mi / detroit, mi
indianapolis, in
cleveland, oh


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subject:      birthdays...
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i think i need an alarm system that reminds me to send out the birthday announcements *heh* i used to be on top of my game, but my brain is making me feel as forgetful as someone in their 90s might be :)  ah well...

i'll go from the last time :) (may 3rd - 30th) *geez* that just looks bad :p

may 4 ('75) (teresa c. esguerra)

may 4 (sharon)

"three men in a desert wandering, one is knowing and two are scared.
they say time is in the river, oh but the river is not there.
dry in spirit, dry in body, two will lend themselves to death.
and in grief one weeps into his hands and drinks his bitter tears."

may 10th, (79)
alisa greenberg

* swamp ophelia, may 10 1994

may 11 ('80) (ilana deutsch)
"i am intense, i am in need, i am in pain, i am in love"

* rites of passage, may 12 1992

may 11 ('74) (mike cunningham)
"i said so little darlin' you get to feel it too"-ar

may 13
megan (
"guess i wasn't the best one to ask..."

may 14 ('74) (shanya)
"it's only life after all"

may 14 (=9274)
jason lee (
"way down south where the mayan reign, zapata reading poetry in his grave
they said were stealing from the best to feed the poor,  well they need
more!!!"  amy ray

may 14 (=9276) (abie)

may 16 ('75) (jeremiah dooley)

may 16 (jason hare)

may 18 ('53) (russ rutter)

may 19 ('70) (bonnie edwards)

may 19 ('80) (andy s. boettcher)

may 21 ('74) (mike enebach)

may 22  (lauren)

may 22 (76) (kara runge)
"alaska or bust!!!"

may 23 ('70) (sue steinike)

may 23 ('71) (cathy)

may 25 ('75) (wendell lee)

may 25 (melissa)
-i am a problem child/ i've been wild all my days/ all my anger and my
rage/ my senses said it would lead me astray/ i said go, go, go -a.r.

26 may (1982)
juliana smith
"all with hope, all with hope, that emptiness brings fullness and loss of love brings wholeness to us all."

may 27
"i got a billion stars for my witness"

may 28
kirsten l. m. jorgenson <>

here's hoping that when i move, i find my real brain - the one that works.  in the meantime - party on! *heh*

love and devotion,
the defective bge :)


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subject:      asheville article from march
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hey folks,

i found this article online - it's from the a&e section of mountain xpress
in asheville... if you want to see it online it's at


---begin forwarded article---
mar 3, 2004 / vol 10 iss 30
sticking to your skin
earnest duo makes no apologies
by marsha barber

"you have to embrace the ugly and the harsh and celebrate it, and
realize it has a purpose in the grand scheme of things. you don't
rail against it blindly and with rage. you have to take tactical
measures to bring about the light."

that's indigo girl emily saliers in a recent phone interview from
somewhere on the road in the rocky mountain west. she's talking about
her duo's penchant for wielding gorgeous word images of dreamy but
devastating precision to describe painful emotions, brutal
environmental annihilations, bitter social injustices.

the indigo girls' brand-new cd is no exception. all that we let in -
penned alternately by saliers and her musical partner of more than
two decades, amy ray - strikes a hard-won balance between the
personal and the political.

"perfect world," the album's first single, is a classic-rock-inspired
tune written by ray about the manmade lakes she swam in as a young
girl in georgia.

"i grew up swimming every weekend in one of those lakes ... riding
nude with my first girlfriend in a canoe," ray has noted about the
song. "then when i was in my 20s, i heard about how some indian
burial places had been flooded by the tva to make those reservoirs.

"[the song is about] having a good time and not paying attention to
what's going on in the world, and then realizing you can't do that."

saliers wrote the album's title track in part about an activist
friend who was killed in a car accident. yet despite the song's
inherent sense of tragedy, its lyrics strike a positive note: "dust
in our eyes our own boots kicked up/ heartsick we nursed along the
way we picked up/ you may not see it when it's sticking to your skin/
but we're better off for all that we let in."

the indigo girls' signature sound - message-heavy power folk -
remains the same after 20 years. yet all that we let in, their 11th
release on epic, also marks somewhat of a departure for the duo: a
little less folk-rock, a bit more electric and multi-layered. the new
album's distinct pop-rock vibe even includes echoes of ska and

their songs have always been marked by a fiercely intelligent
lyricism and pretty melodies that snake under the skin in the best
possible way. saliers is the first to admit, however, that the duo is
not without its detractors.

"to be honest, we hope to do what we do in a beautiful way, but we
have a lot of critics who can't stand the earnestness of our
message," she reveals. "i think some people are afraid of sincerity."

for those who aren't, consider the raw poetry of these lines, from
"watershed" (nomads indians saints, 1990): "twisted guardrails on the
highway/ broken glass on the cement/ a ghost of someone's tragedy/
how recklessly my time has been spent/ they say that it's never too
late/ but you don't, you don't get any younger/ well i better learn
how to starve the emptiness/ and feed the hunger."

"good music," ventures saliers, "makes you feel more than the lyrics
are expressing; i want our music itself to be the vehicle for the
content. the music that moves me the most takes me places i've never
been before."

one such destination for indigo girls listeners is the political
battlefield. ray and saliers are well known for their uncompromising
stance on the environment, women's and native american issues, and
gay/lesbian rights.

"there's a constant struggle to maintain human dignity," saliers
notes, when talk turns to this country's current gay-marriage
brouhaha. "there are strong, powerful forces at work, and that's why
community activism is so important. we have to realize we can affect

"i'll be reading a paper in san francisco and see that president bush
wants to mess with the constitution, and i'll be crying in my coffee
at first," she continues. "but then i'll just stop and call amy and
say, 'what can we do? how can we help?'"

it's difficult to marry political activism with music - one or the
other usually suffers. sure, a tune like country joe mcdonald's "the
'fish' cheer/i-feel-like-i'm-fixin'-to-die rag" cryptically drives
home the horrors of the vietnam war ("well, there ain't no time to
wonder why/ whoopee! we're all gonna die"), but where's the
hauntingly lovely melody of, say, "cordova," a ray-penned paean to
activism in the native american community?

saliers admits that it's challenging to write strong, articulate
political songs without compromising craft - yet that struggle is
necessary. "we cannot separate our politics from our art," she
emphasizes. "we've been activists for a long time.

"but for as many songs as have political content, there are personal
ones, straight-up love songs," she adds. "or songs that are just
thinking about the journey - this journey we're all on."

then there are the songs about the end of the journey - the songs
about home. a sense of place pervades all the girls' music, in the
rich cadences of the melodies, in the verdant poetry of the lyrics.

"north georgia has a soft, quiet beauty," saliers says. "it's not
majestic like the rockies. it's hard to articulate that kind of
beauty, but it absolutely affects the way you write - not only the
content, but the sensibility.

"amy lives out in the woods, and many of her songs are written about
her neighbors, or the lay of the land. 'all that we let in' is
centered around my neighborhood: i live near a park and near a
cemetery. there's that juxtaposition of life and death - the
physicality of both - and the beauty of both places."

[freelance writer marsha barber is a regular contributor to xpress.]

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just testing.......sorry

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i got this story off of the internet:

by david bauder, ap television writer

new york - logo, an mtv-backed basic cable network aimed at the gay and lesbian community and long in the planning stages, will go on the air next february.

in announcing a feb. 17 launch date tuesday, the viacom-owned mtv networks provided few specific programming plans, other than to say it will offer a mix of movies, reruns and reality-oriented shows.

viacom had been discussing a gay cable network since at least 1994, but put it on the back burner because of a weak economy and other priorities. now, an improved economic outlet has pushed the plans forward.

"we're excited," said joan garry, executive director of the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation (news - web sites). "cable television is about niche programming and our niche has been conspicuously absent for a long, long time."

however, the traditional values coalition (news - web sites) announced plans to boycott any logo advertisers.

logo will be available on cable systems in los angeles, new york, boston, philadelphia, atlanta and san francisco and is seeking other distribution. its goal is to be in about 14 million homes by the end of next year.

tom freston, mtv networks chairman and ceo, said offering logo as a basic cable service would make it a more promising business, despite limitations on language and content that pay outlets like hbo and showtime don't face.

the main network geared to gays and lesbians now is here tv, a pay service available only on satellite tv systems, although it has plans for cable distribution later this year.

paul colichman, president of here tv, said he sees logo more as a complementary service " and potential business partner " than a competitor.

"we're very excited because it gives us another buyer for our old programming," he said.

logo's greatest challenge will be appealing to a diverse gay and lesbian community that has high expectations, garry said.

"the recipe for success for a gay channel is programming vision, access to distribution and a comfort with risk-taking," she said. "mtv brings those things together. they're a huge force in the cable industry, so their distribution is strong."

with affiliated networks mtv, vh1, spike, nickelodeon and cbs, viacom has muscle in the industry that startup companies can't match. that's a lesson that pridevision tv, a gay channel in canada that has unsuccessfully tried to expand in the united states, has learned.

logo's operators say they also want it to be a comfortable place for viewers who aren't gay. freston said the timing of logo's announcement had nothing to do with the current push toward homosexual marriages.

"this is a network that is not really about politics," freston said, adding that the channel's primary emphasis would be on entertainment.

logo is looking at working with cbs news for a monthly newsmagazine and perhaps mtv-styled news breaks, said judy mcgrath, president of the mtv networks music and comedy group. it has deals to acquire more than 100 movies.

the traditional values coalition, with 43,000 member churches, started working on plans for a boycott within an hour of hearing about logo's launch, said the rev. louis sheldon, its chairman.

"it doesn't improve television," sheldon said. "it only continues to offer moral anarchy for a very seriously dysfunctional lifestyle."

freston, who said he expects the network to break even financially within two or three years, said he doubted there'd be much opposition to logo. there's been no resistance from advertisers so far, he said.

"we don't think it's indecent," he said. "we're not using profanity, we're not using sex. this is going to be mainstream programming that you see everywhere else, except for the fact that it's targeted to the gay and lesbian community."

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