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  [ig-news] fw: march tour update!    [sherlyn koo <>]


date: mon, 09 feb 2004 10:02:08 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fw: march tour update!

hey folks,

here's the latest official mailer...

- -sherlyn

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date: sun 8-feb-2004 12:09pm
subject: march tour update!

dear friends:

here is the latest on the indigo girls march tour, with support acts!

3/4     knoxville          knoxville civic auditorium (w/cordero)
3/5     asheville          thomas wolfe auditorium (w/cordero)
3/6     norfolk             norva (w/cordero)
3/8     wilmington      grand opera house (w/cordero)
3/9     albany            palace theatre (w/cordero)
3/10    reading          sovereign perf. arts center (w/cordero)
3/12    new york        radio city music hall (w/cordero)
3/13    new york        radio city music hall (w/cordero)
3/15    pittsburgh       benedum center (w/cordero)
3/16    toronto           massey hall (w/madviolet)
3/18    kalamazoo     state theatre (w/shawn mullins)
3/19    columbus       promowest pavilion (w/shawn mullins)
3/20    st. louis       the pageant (w/shawn mullins)

please keep checking our tour page for the latest perfect world tour information:

"all that we let in" in stores february 17th!

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