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  [ig-news] freeview on directv right now....  ["susan marine" <susmarine@co]


date: fri, 5 mar 2004 21:00:25 +0000
from: "susan marine" <>
subject: [ig-news] freeview on directv right now....

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hi all,

so i am watching right now...apologies if this is old news....

there was just a bit showing amy talking about dq. she said that '
all of her songs seem to start out being about her neighbor'...and
said that dq (which is hwere everyone in her town congregates...after
drinking or softball games or what have you) is no different, she had
heard that her neighbor and his wife had a fight, and he went down to
the dairy queen afterwards. then she said the rest of the song is
about a 'good breakup', the kind of breakup that ends positively, and
how good that is because it is so rare, and that everyone should have
a good breakup as she and her girlfriend did.

so there. no ex-girlfriends causing scenes at dairy queen, but a
breakup song nonetheless. i have to admit, it was a little hard to
imagine jennifer baumgardner tossing a snickers blizzard around
haphazardly.... that neighbor of amy's, not so hard to imagine !


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