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date: sat, 17 apr 2004 17:19:01 edt
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subject: [ig-news] austin last night

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hey y'all,

not going to post a full review of last night's concert in austin because i
am just about to start getting ready for tonight's show in dallas(!), but have
a question - did an amazing version of chickenman, one of the best i've ever
heard or seen.   amy inserted a verse about taking a ride with her dogs and
this life isn't long or something like that.  does anyone know what i'm talking
about and do you have the lyrics and know what the song is?  is there a boot of
it floating around?  emily played a little slide guitar at the end of the
song and her solo was some of the best playing she's ever done.  it was breath
taking :-)

overall, the concert was fun, but it was one of those all-standing,
all-the-time venues, and my 40+ body just can't handle it like it once could.  [...]
into the sound check, which was audible outside btw, and heard them both
playing around.  emily did a beautiful version of first cut is the deepest as a

it was just the two of them playing acoustic and they didn't do tether, which
is my absolute favorite amy song of all time.  maybe it just doesn't do well
without the drums and keyboard?  emily's voice was not in good form at all.
has that been a problem at any other stops on this tour?  she was really
reaching for her high notes, and not hitting them, and her harmonies were pretty
shrill.  but a bad day at an ig concert is better than a good day fishing!

peace out, y'all,

pam in big d

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