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subject: [ig-news] atwli - sacd

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

sony music has
updated their super audio cd web site and has confirmed that they have 3
new sacd titles that are due for release this summer.  the activity from
sony music comes shortly after their announcement at the recent home entertainment
2004 (he 2004) show in new york city that new sacd titles would be forthcoming
from the label.

sony music sacd web site
the updated web site from sony music features a new look (see screen shot
below) and highlights some of the more recent sacd releases from the label
including titles from barbra streisand, bob dylan, james taylor, the thorns
and james carter.  it also offers visitors the opportunity to sign up for
an sacd newsletter from the label, suggesting that they will be following
the lead of universal music's german subsidiary which has been running an
sacd newsletter off and on for the past year.

turning to the listing of titles on the web site, the site does list all
of the currently available sacd discs from sony music as well as a few that
have yet to arrive (from artists such as sade, oasis, barbra streisand, george
michael, jennifer lopez, jonathan mayer, macy gray, miles davis, richard bona,
the byrds, dave brubeck, the offspring & travis).  it also lists an album
from david sanchez which i presume represents the sanchez album mentioned
in the he 2004 news release as coming later in the year.

3 sony music sacds this summer
also worth noting is the comment under the link marked release schedule
that "more titles coming soon, including releases from incubus, five for
fighting and indigo girls."  following up on that comment, i did check with
officials at the sony sacd project office in new york.  they confirmed that
these three sacd titles are indeed under development, all three will be hybrid
layer surround sound sacds with new 5.1 mixes and that they are due out in
the summer. the upcoming sacds are as follows:
incubus - a crow left of the murder

indigo girls - all that we left in

  five for fighting - the battle for everthing

i also learned that the 5.1 mix for the incubus sacd was produced by nick
didia and the indigo girls 5.1 mix was produced by bob clearmountain.  both
of these surround sound sacds were mastered for sacd by bob ludwig.  <br>
we'll certainly keep our ears to the ground in the weeks ahead for more information
on when these 3 sony music surround sacds might be arriving.  as well as
the ones announced at he 2004 - namely the sacds by david sanchez and the
next installment in the bob dylan sacd remastered series.

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