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  [ig-news] igc: extra brittfest (22 july) tickets for sale  [indigokare@aol]


date: tue 1-jun-2004 4:56pm
subject: [ig-news] igc: extra brittfest (22 july) tickets for sale

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

i have two extra tickets for indigo girls at britt fest on 22 july.  they are general admission, but if you look at the seating map, the ga/lawn area is in front of the reserved section, hence closer to the stage.

britt fest is in jacksonville, oregon, about 30 miles north of the california border.  the show is on the 22nd of july -- emily's birthday!

i paid $28 per ticket including a small service fee.  please email me if you are interested in one or both of them.



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