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date: mon, 7 jun 2004 09:12:18 -0400
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so, i don't know if anyone else saw this, but i just flipped on the tv to the today show and they were in the middle of some segment in which jann wenner was talking about the progression of rock and roll--i didn't get anymore about the context.  they showed clips from all of the top rock stars of all time--hendrix, the doors, beatles, janis etc. etc. etc.  they were scrolling through the decades and moved onto michael jackson, madonna and then lilith fair in which they mentioned no names but showed ig playing closer to fine with lots of other women on the stage with them.  then they rolled on into the 90's and 2000's with grunge artists and so on.  i have to say i was pleased but a bit surprised that ig and closer to fine defined the progress of "feminist" icons progressing from madonna's arrival on the scene to the huge success of lilith fair.  i know, and you all know, that ig deserves to be recognized among the greats, but to see them smack dab in the middle of this long
list of greats still took me by surprise...i don't know why....
anyhow, here's hoping some of you saw it too.  lee

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