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date: sat, 12 jun 2004 09:50:58 -0400
subject: [ig-news] fleet boston 6/11

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it was pretty chilly sitting in that audience last night.  there were
a surprisingly large number of empty seats.  i checked ticketmaster to
see what the seat availability was quite frequently up until yesterday
and usually what came up was the back of the venue.  once in a while a
closer row would come up, but i wanted to know if a dynamite seat
would be offered at the last minute.

my seats were on amy's side, 8 rows back.  since it was just the two
of them last night,(no band), they whipped through their set, changing
guitars at a fast speed, and i'm not sure how many songs they played,
but they were mostly short ones-no extended chickenman, or anything
like that.  here's what i remember:

they opened with:
fill it up again
perfect world

then, not in order:

all that we let in
get out the map
land of canaan
least complicated
wood song
let it be me
free in you
collecting you
shame on you
become you
(notice a trend here?)
closer to fine
dairy queen
johnny rottentail
heartache for everyone
power of two
scooter boys

the only songs amy got intense with were go and johnny rottentail.

amy wore her shiny red shirt (with black sunburst design from
conan)and emily wore a dark lavender shirt, also shiny.  amy looked
delighted during the whole show, like she was loving seeing the joy on
everyone's faces while they sang and danced, especially to the new
songs.  it just seemed that she couldn't not smile.  emily looked as
lovely as always, maybe more so.

i've seen cordero before and i guess they are just not for me.  not
only were most of the songs in another language but the beat was
pretty repetetive and the lead singer needed to get into it more for
me to be there with her.

that's it for me...looking forward to hyannis tonite!

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