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date: fri 18-jun-2004 2:02pm
subject: [ig-news] last night in nj

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hey folks,

i'm just reporting on the starland ballroom show last night. it was awesome.
i've seen 11 ig shows and i'd put this one in the top half. very good. the
crowd was pretty good, some chatter during songs but not too bad. and there
weren't the rabid screams for "galileo" that have detracted from many of the
other shows i've been to. one of my best friends went with me and she had
never seen ig before. on the way home, she kept saying, "i'd see them again
in a heartbeat." yes! i've converted another one!

there was one really weird thing the girls did. in the middle of the show,
they brought out a band called girlyman to play a song. the girls left and
this trio did a song. it wasn't bad, but i'd rather have heard another ig
song. at least it was just one song.

and finally, after 10 years, i got to see "land of canaan" live again.
"shame on you" seemed much more mellow than usual. it was good, but it
wasn't the kick-ass, bring-the-house-down moment it usually is. amy played
with "romeo," mixing up the words a bit. it looked like the girls were
having a great time the whole night. "all that we let in' was beautiful and

here is the set list. i wrote it down during the show, so it's 100%

fill it up again
power of two
shame on you
become you
heartache for everyone
rise up
- ----------
hey rose by girlyman
- ----------
romeo & juliet
all that we let in
moment of forgiveness
get out the map
land of canaan
closer to fine
dairy queen
collecting you
american tune
- -------
perfect world

i hope all the rest of you going to shows have as good of a time as i did
last night.


"you don't want to sound dumb
don't want to offend
so don't call me faggot
not unless you are a friend."
- --- joe jackson, "real men"

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