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date: mon 5-jul-2004 11:43pm
subject: [ig-news] ig on l word

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally
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olivia launches lesbian honeymoon cruise

by lisa leff
.c the associated press

oakland, calif. (ap) - judy dlugacz knew she was onto something when the
cruise ship she had chartered for 400 lesbians arrived in the turkish port of

instead of meeting rejection, as they sometimes did in the united states, the
travelers got a red carpet welcome from merchants eager to do business with
the ''lovely lesbian ladies.'' the half-million dollars they poured into
turkey's economy made the front pages of istanbul's major newspapers.


olivia also has worked on making its vacation offerings as sophisticated and
diverse as the tastes of its frequently misunderstood market.

this fall, for example, showtime's lesbian drama ''the l-word'' will film
part of an episode aboard an olivia cruise to the caribbean. cast members are
scheduled to socialize with guests at the company's first shipboard film festival
and be serenaded by shawn colvin and indigo girls.


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olivia resorts and cruises:

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